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  1. Sorry, but this is incorrect. You can inject steroids and you will grow muscle while sitting on the couch…..
    Diet is not that important if your on gear because protein synthesis is so high it really doesn't matter.
    If your natural it does matter!….

  2. Can you do another video with the guy in the background talking about how people love to score but don’t wanna go through the process of getting there to win.? I can’t remember the video or name of the guy. He sounded African American. And no I’m not kidding around. He was a badass speaker.

  3. This is why i cant grow…were in a bad situation so that either we pay the bills or we get food and most days its paying the bills. If i had the food to be able to grow id be something like 30 lbs. Heavier and have at least 20 more lbs of muscle on me.

  4. I love how they all say ‘it’s not because of the steroids’ and yet they all take steroids. They look the way they do because of steroids. Without steroids they’re very fit regular dudes. The steroids allow them to get as big as they do. Try not taking steroids and then you can downplay steroids.

  5. The sad truth is, once you reach your genetic potential naturally, it won't matter how much food you eat. You will just get fat. The only way to get past your plateau weight is to take anabolic steroids. Instead of demonising them, more research needs doing so guys can take them safely.

  6. Okay, yeah food is anabolic but without testosterone it is nearly worthless. So yes you can get in shape by eating right and lifting but acting like the effect hat taking T and tren etc. have is minuscule is pure lies. The natural body has a limit and many people who do everything right training and nutrition wise will never look nearly the same as those who take drugs. It’s just a fact.


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