#shawweek continues with an entire day of eating! Buckle up and prepare for a wild ride as Brian, for the first time ever, shows exactly how much he eats before a big training day!

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  1. I would love to know what their grocery bill is per month and if it's deductible on their taxes as a business expense. And also, how did I get here after watching a video on how to make omurice?

  2. The health problem here is you never allow the internal organs to rest…when that happens, it shortens life despite what someone might think as being beneficial. They sacrifice health for mass or strength…sad.

  3. What does this guy actually do all day? He says he does his physical training mostly in the afternoon/evening. I guess he has admin/social media stuff to do, but all day? Does he literally just cook and eat for the rest of his time? Sensibly, he can't spend much time out of the house because he constantly needs to be using the kitchen. What about going on holiday? I can't see how this is enjoyable – he says it himself. The training and competing is fun, but he doesn't enjoy the eating side of things so much. All of us who are into sports and compete will be careful with our diets, but I enjoy cooking and taking the time to prepare a meal. I enjoy eating food too – it's a simple pleasure and the most basic thing about being a human – it's not just a means to an end. For him, it's quantity and speed of eating. His diet is regimented with little flexibility between days.

    All credit to the guy and his dedication – I admire anyone who can dedicate themselves completely to a pursuit – but wow, what a life. I'll bet his daily food bill is higher than my weekly one with all that organic grass-fed beef (the only way to eat beef in my view – infinitely better for for you, and, more importantly, much more humane for the animal).

  4. Try a full time with overtime job instead. You are at least doing what you love so don't tell us it's hard. God gave you what you've got and the rest of us have to work our arses off. You got it it good!

  5. Honestly I love this, I’m skinny as hell and I probably eat this much in a day (not really lol) but I thought I was a garbage disposal, damn lol, but let’s hope you have a good ass toilet

  6. I love how chill this guy is. Looks like he kills evil creatures from hell with his bare hands, but as soon as he speaks, he turns into a teddy bear. Sympathy 100.

  7. You go for local grass fed organic meat…and Cinnamon Toast Crunch lol
    That's the lowest quality of everything. I will say though animals fed correctly is the right thing

  8. Brian, here's some non-solicited advise: stop using those non-stick pans. That non-stick material is highly toxic. An alternative is seasoned cast iron. By seasoning a new cast iron skillet (over heating the skillet with a high smoke-point oil like peanut or coconut) will create non-stick surface without the toxicity. The trick is to not use soapy water to clean it. Check it out online.

  9. How do you find the time to cook so much? I'm so busy that I reserve Saturday evening as a prep day and Sunday as my cooking day. I prepare a week's worth of meals on Sunday. If I miss my cooking day I spend the rest of the week grabbing what I can. Please advise. Thanks.


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