showing the worlds oldest bodybuilders doing bodybuilding workouts as they show us age is nothing but a number. its bodybuilding motivation at its finest..
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  1. Who cares if there on gear they are swole as fuck. There gettin up and training in the morning while y’all niggas boring ass granny’s are sitting at home watching the news waiting to die. These old fuckers are still hungry warriors!! Much respect

  2. These older gentle men and women were busting it out when alot of you were still floating around in space older people rule and rightfully so. All my love and utmost respect!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I can see most of them must have used steroids; according to big muscles, too heavy weights, and vein deposits as well as varicose veins. Any normal sportsman cannot make it this way. I hate using anabolic steroids or other drugs. Poor people!

  4. I'm 50 still have 19" arms! No 'roids, hard work. Been lifting since I was 12, I did everything everday, we didn't know any better!! But, it worked. Hats off to these old farts!! Oh wait, I'm getting there!!


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