Women’s bodybuilding is making a comeback, but is this a good thing? Bikini, Figure, Physique and steroid risks!

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Women’s Bodybuilding is BACK (and you didn’t even realize it)

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  1. It's frustrating even as a male to see so much discussion is over what's "sexually attractive" even in fitness community. As in the only reason the ladies are doing this is for male's enjoyment. Nobody is saying "sure Big Ramy is huge and lean… but I dunno is he sexy?!". So this ties into a bizarre mentality that women's bodybuilding isn't looking for the female that has pushed the absolute limits on the muscular development of the human body but they're obviously just for tantalizing "weirdos with a domination fetish".

    On a side note I wish Shanique Grant would just do bodybuilding. I'd like to see where her freaky genetics would go with no limits on her size. She shouldn't be in physique anymore.

  2. Common Mark you left the best part out. Those terrorists were in our own government. And all the money that just came up missing. That just happend to be being investigated in the exact area of the Pentagon that got blown up.

  3. This is why they never should have gotten rid of female bodybuilding division. That way the judges have a division to draw a line in the sand and tell girls, "Look, if you wanna be a freak just do Women's Bodybuilding…or stay in your current division but you'll get marked down "

    To maintain delineation between divisions

  4. How about a video on how Iris Kyle got disrespected. The most successful bodybuilder, ever, and yet they drop the contest just to make up a women's division so they could put the title on someone else, even though that lady couldn't beat Iris. THEN, bring the contest back, but no one mentions Iris.


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