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The ability to lift heavy objects over your head is critical to not only make gains, but improve other big lifts as well. Unfortunately there are many gym goers who refrain from doing any overhead exercises because they constantly hurt their neck during the lift. Believe it or not, A.J. used to be one of these people, and now he would like to share his knowledge and experience and explain why you’re hurting your neck during an overhead press and show you how to fix this, from a scientific perspective.

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London Ontario Personal Trainer

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  1. Awesome vid, doc ! Quite informative as always. Would you be able to make another vid in regards to barbell bent over row vs pendlay row by any chance ? Which one of them goes harder on lower back ?

  2. Honestly how can you fuck this one up. It's like maybe you should use less fucking weight. Squeeze your glutes, feet shoulder width, medium bar grip, fists to the sky, start with the bar racked up high and not keep doing a a press hang clean. Keep body straight, look up, bar goes down to chin, lock out elbows if you go for a few thrusters. Littleraly I have never had this problem and my shoulders are conked wonky af

  3. Something similar happened to me today I'd like to ask your opinion:
    I was doing a backwards DB side lateral raise (meaning I fully extend the arms out to my sides and keep them elevated as I lower one at a time) and as I started to fatigue, my head started to hunch out in front of me while I attempted to keep the DBs elevated to finish the reps. As I found out right after, the bad form and overcompensation cost me dearly. Right after I completed the rep and put the DBs down, when I moved my neck I felt a sharp pain towards the lower part of the cervical spine. I tried to ignore it but I noticed the pain active whenever I moved my neck left right up and ESPECIALLY DOWN. Been doing research and I'm not sure how serious it might be. I would like to say I experienced a neck sprain but maybe you can give me some more insight? What do you think might have happened??

  4. The annoying thing is I actually do stretch like you showed but for some reason this shit pulls almost every session I found it was usually the OHP but even if I do light.. my forms strict I’m not jerking or throwing the bar but I’m thinking it might be something lower, closer to my scapula causing it I noticed I had a knot / trapped nerve or some shit the same day I pulled what felt like th back of my neck


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