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Chest flys with cables are better than dumbbells because you get a greater peak contraction on the top of the movement than dumbbells. You get a greater range of motion than you would with dumbbells on a cable machine during fly exercises. Also no matter how much weight you stack, it doesn’t interfere with hand spacing. Its also a safer exercise since you are closer to the ground with a ball on your back. I like to use a ball vs a bench because i am activating my core and leg muscles as well.


  1. can anyone get the line in the middle of the chest, or the left chest connecting to the right chest, or is that something more on genetics?
    or do you have to be below 10% body fat in order to see the line in the middle of the chest without flexing….?

  2. Those were some really USEFUL tips…Especially , the one differentiating Dumbell Flys from Cable Flys.I generally was using cables and just wanted a sound opinion.You covered the issue from many angles.Good job subscribing you now…


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