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Keep track of how much you sleep,eat and train. This will determine what you didnt do or did do to become more tired and fatigued. Also take work, sex and stress into this equation. Make sure you drink plenty of water all day to stay hydrated.


  1. You have a good point but i just want to use those small videos on my second channel so it doesnt interfere with this one which is more detailed. Its a way to cross promote myself and my channels as well šŸ™‚

  2. How come when I come back to the gym after 2 days off my lifts are weaker? It's almost like I have to work up to my PR days, I pulled 315 but it was only after 2 days of maxing out my deadlift. the first day I couldnt even lift 315 off the ground, the second I could get it up but it would slip out of my left hand when I tried to lock out. But the third day it was insane, not only did I pull the 315, it was with good form and I had no problem locking it out for at least 10 sec, then I set it back down (not dropped). can you explain why this happens?


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