This video will spark a debate! I explain which is harder Bodybuilding or Powerlifting. I have competed in both MANY times. I’ll tell you which is harder and explain why.

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  1. I’m sorry but Greg got this one completely wrong. If you are a natural athlete or even enhanced and want optimal training take your training advice from someone else. Christian T for example

  2. Hi Greg. I wanted to ask if the same principle applies (i.e training around 12-15 reps) when cutting to retain (or build) muscle. The reason I ask is that many people suggest reducing reps (e.g. 6-8 ) when cutting, in order to maintain strength as much as possible – supposedly helping to retain muscle. Slightly confused as this doesn't make sense to me.

  3. Uhhhh yeah being STRONGER in the main lifts will DEFINITELY help you develop a better muscular physique than NOT doing those lifts. Athleanx is still the best dude in terms of how this works but I know that’s not what the main point of this video

  4. This is literally the worst excuses I have ever heard hahaha. I love 95% of your content, but this is so uneducated hahah. REAL powerlifters arent concerned about what people think of them with the weight they are using.

  5. Actually he is right. I never control my diet almost rather than some guidelines, training is hard but I cannot say its a torture as it is more satisfying than having to do 30 focused reps. But.. Torture is the high volume periods. 20 reps of squats might kill me. 30 reps of curls might bore me. Jokes aside doc is 100% on point as always

  6. Lifting reps of 12-15 at rpe 8-9 would be sloppy and more demanding on your endurance than a set of 5 at 9. For me I've done it both ways and set of five or a five rep max is leaving me way more exhausted physically and mentally (veins popping out, having to grind and brace at the same time, red eyes etc.) Than a set of 12-15. Idk just my experience.

  7. I wouldn’t say that training for strength makes you a Pussy or I am doing it because it is easier ? That’s not very fair to say to the people who have already achieved a great physique. I’ve already had abs striated quads been low body fat but I am not a body builder because I realize that I do not want to take steroids and I do not want to compete because there isn’t many careers in that field. I have been training to get stronger to see progress in the gym not because it’s easier but because my goals and fitness enjoyment has changed. I did bodybuilding type workouts for a long time and that’s why I never saw strength gains in the gym. So don’t just say it’s cuz I’m a pussy

  8. 1:45 Yes. Look at her legs. The weight is lifted by legs. The rest is technique to go under the bar and straight the arms in that fraction of a second when the bar remains there at zero speed. It is a big weight for arms but a small weight for muscular legs. Another factor is tendon attachements that make a better lever mr kinesio.

  9. Anyone who doesn't agree hasn't trained in the higher rep ranges. Whatever weight you can do on any given exerice for 5 reps, cut that weight in half. Do 12 reps super slow time under tension, by the 7/8 rep you'll know what's up lol

  10. I agree, easy to be heavy and to lift heavy. Hard to be ripped and to be in the gym..Greg is a savage for his powerlifting comment lol oh my. I surprise not more dislikes, but I do agree. I was told lift heavy but looked much better than guys who lifted heavy. How they bench is the biggest joke ever, it's like they working on their back for doggy position

  11. Fucking love doucette ! This is brilliant! Seriously these home truths are amazing! So much applies even to myself. It’s true. Training heavy is fun, tut with 5 seconds to go to get to 40 seconds is torturous on the appropriate weight.

    However his methods work! Huge huge gains.

    Doucette thank you!

  12. I thought I was crazy thinking that training heavier was much easier and less of that satisfying tired feeling afterward. And if I go heavy, more chance of injuring myself.

  13. Oh wow I expected a very different answer. So basically you are saying you will be “bigger” if you get stronger in the 10-15 rep range than if you were to get stronger in the 5-10 rep range??


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