What’s up Live Leaners,

Today’s topic is one of my favourites and one that so many people get confused on.

What’s more effective for fat loss…lifting weights or aerobic training?

Lets discuss…for all the traditional cardio lovers out there (who I have nothing but love for),
I’m sure your side of the discussion will weigh heavily on the point that the primary energy source that weight training uses is NOT fat…but carbohydrates.

That’s true, but here are the 3 reasons why weight lifting is far more effective than aerobic training for fat loss.


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  1. good info and you're really funny but you should mention that weight lifting over aerobics isn't good for overweight women as when excess weight is lost they will be too muscled and doesn't look nice on a woman. toned yes not muscled. my friend did it and is now her dream weight but she's far too muscled for a girl…ooops sorry

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  3. I think it has to do more with the individual. I always used to lift weights & my body looked. chunky but when I started to run I look ripped now. I think you. need all 3 diet, weights, cardio

  4. Be honest, how many fat ppl do you see lifting weights? I see it all the time. Now how many fat ppl do you see running. I'm talking abt ppl in the gym who do the same thing all the time. The fat guy who runs body changes the most

  5. IF is the best way to lose weight…I do cardio fasted and lost weight rather easily. Personally to me the answer is not cardio or weights it is cardio and weights. They both have their place and to lose excess weight cardio is king, why else does anyone from just overweight to bodybuilders cutting do it. Fastest way to increase HGH is fasting to

  6. interesting info once you get passed the being talked down to. maybe don't explain it like people are stupid? good luck though. i know it's not coming from an evil place.

  7. Some very important info was left out here. Cardio and weightlifting should be combined for the most effective weightloss. With more cardio your body will be better at using fat as fuel. Basically if you have poor cardio fitness, your body will be using the food you put in as fuel and less of the fat. So good cardio fitness means your body is more effecient at using fat and food as fuel. This means that when you are hiting the gym your body will do more with your belly fat then with poor cardio fitness.

  8. science reveals that aerobic training is the best form of exercise for weight loss…aerobic exercise burns more liver and visceral fat (intra-abdominal fat that surrounds your internal organs) than resistance training. Another study published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise sums it up simply: Aerobic exercise is better than resistance training for weight loss.

  9. thanks so much for the advice. I've just got a question, for weight training how long should my sessions be and also I've heard that flat shoes are great for weight lifting so will be Nike Air Maxes be the best? Hopefully you can answer 🙂

  10. There are three components to fat loss – exercise, diet, and motivation.
    One plan I discovered which successfully combines these is the Triple trim formula (check it out on google) definately the most incredible diet that I have ever seen.
    look at the before and after photos and unbelievable testimonials.

  11. I lost about 20kg of wieght by running. now I lift weights and Ive lost zero weight. ive actyally put on weight (muscle mass I should hope)
    bottom line, I beleive what you say in theory works, but in reality when you take into account real lifestyles etc, it doesnt work

  12. hey all, out of all the programs that I have ever tried, the only diet that succeeded for me was Adams fat code (you can look it up on google). It was really the most incredible diet that helped me get my life back on track.

  13. ive lost 190 pounds i workout 6 days a week by doing 45 minutes cardio and 45 weight training.weight training 30 minutes upper body one day next day 30 minutes lower body and i do 15 minutes of ab workouts everyday.i only take in 1500 calories a day with very little carbs.

  14. I'm 16 and weight around 200 pounds. I do cardio for 30 minutes and then lift weights for 30 minutes 5 days a week and I've also been eating right. Is that good method of should I switch stuff up?

  15. Neither, the best weight loss I have ever had was working the heavy bag (kickboxing), which I guess is more closely related to strength training then it is cardio just with an emphasis on explosive strength rather then resistance. Dropped from 186 to 155lbs in 30 days with intensive 3 hour+ training sessions every day. Now sadly since my wrist injury I cannot do it anymore and I am back on the weights.

  16. Both are important. And the only way you really get a lot of cortisol produced is from long, intense runs. Moderate and sensible paced runs or HIIT are the best. Moreover, you can do a cardio-like workout with weight training too: modifying your tempo, shortening your rest periods, and doing super-sets all have incredible cardiovascular health benefits as well and the ones you pointed out from resistance training. Dropping all cardio however is a bad idea in my opinion. Brisk walking is also a great cardio endurance activity that is often neglected or overlooked. On "off-days" a long brisk 30 minute walk does wonders for both the body and mind and clears out the cobwebs of your thoughts. Some creative ideas or clarity if ideas have come from walks. But the most enjoyable form of cardio: sex. Beats a 20-30 minute treadmill run every time.

  17. I've lost exactly 30 Lbs in 2 months! The best part is knowing that I did this myself. look at the method I use to lose weight here: http://the2weekdietnow.com/reduce-waist
    There was no one telling me what to eat or when to eat it. I made all of those decisions myself, and there's a freedom in that. There is also a very unique sense of accomplishment and self worth from recognizing that each pound lost came directly from me and my choices, not someone else's idea of the "right" way to lose weight.


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