watch as these bodybuilders walk around shirtless in public and draw stares from the public…its bodybuilding motivation 2018!!
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  1. Most people looking thinking what a rude wanker put a bloody shirt on !!!!
    I live in ubud bali so many disrespectful tourists walking around shirtless passed temples and palaces woman too in hardly any clothes ! Why do so many people think it’s ok to show off tits and arses just like monkeys !!!! Worst thing ever invented leggings !!!!! Sloppy lazy slags and shirtless morons

  2. Just wearing a nice under Armour shirt would've gotten the same results,,.revealing abs too. Not only that….leaving a little to the imagination helps…shirtless just goes to prove.."look at meee".
    Just a touch of modesty would've gone just as far

  3. Actually girls think its gross except body building chicks with muscles yuuuuuck ! Corny. More over I’ve seen guys half their size beat the crap out muscle bound dudes. That’s why you don’t see any muscle bound mma fighters

  4. they weren't looking at that guy because he was a bodybuilder with no shirt… They were looking at that guy because he was in China and he's black.

    Guarantee you that's the first one they've seen


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