Tips on what to wear to a weightlifting workout. Primarily ideas of what women should wear weightlfiting. WHat leggings, bra’s, tops, shoes, and accessories I recommend for weightlifting.

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Links to products featured:

S’well Waterbottle:

Nike Pro Leggings:

Nike Pro Sports Bra:

Adidas Adipower (women):

Nike Free (flyknit):
Nike Lifting Gloves:


  1. hey! personal question here. All of my lulus alligns hurt my vzone? haha I think it's because of the you know that line they have on the vagina. I don't like to wear them when on leg days or when I'm running. Please I've been looking for someone to say the same but everyone finds them really comfortable?

  2. So ive been powerlifting for a few years now and i would definitely recommend converse/vans for weightlifting if you are serious. DEFINITELY helps with your squats, deadlifts and bench. Since I switched over, i dont think i could ever go back haha


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