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  1. Today we talk about the Golden Era of Aesthetics and how to tailor your training for your goal. Training like Steve Reeves might not get you a physique like him but understanding how to customize our training for how we want to look is crucial. What do you find aesthetic?!

  2. most people want to be aesthetic but they get about it in the wrong ways. Doing dips every other day and pullups everyday would give you all of this and more. Calisthenic athletes has better physiques than 99% of bodybuilders in the gym and on youtube

  3. I think its really bad to tell people to do straight arm pulldowns instead of pullups. Pullups are a completely different exercise to straight arms and pullups are superior. If you can't do it then learn to do it

  4. Hahahaaaa Steve Reeves had a tiny waist did he,sure about that……He did not,his lats and wide shoulders gave that v taper illusion…sub 30 inch is a TINY waist,he was 31 inch,………..

  5. 10:45 His chest seems to blend into his shoulders.
    Creating a horizontal line and more of a V-shape…
    Could you train to get that result as well?
    Are your chest muscles too big/rounded, turning into bumps visual speaking?

  6. Just don't get the Steve reeves worship, he looks like a swimmer, nothing to do with bodybuilding, every teenager could have that body after ten weeks…. Enough of that bullshit worship.

  7. A friend of mine told me to try a routine and i wanna know what people think of it…

    Train 3 days a week, doing squats, deadlift, hip thrusts, bent over rows, bench press, over head press… Day one 8 to 12 reps 3 to 5 sets of each, one day of rest… Day two 3 to 5 reps in 3 to 5 sets, one day of rest… Day 3 15 to 30 reps in 3 to 5 sets… Then 2 days of rest…

    Im a martial artist amd i will probably have martial srts class on the "rest days" but i already feel like. Its no training at all for how long ive been training like that…

    My objective is to get bigger, heavier and stronger legs mostly… And the upper body is just to not become fully a t-rex… But oushing and pulling are very common moves in martial arts… I need the muscular endurance because rounds can be long… I need the strength because i need to have more "power" than my oponent… And i need size because it helps with the body mechanics needed to aply techniques

  8. Hi Omarlsuf, a question when you demonstarted the pull ups at 8:16-ish, is that how you do it reguraly or was that just a quick show?…My main question beacuse I've seen it by multiple people, is why do you guys stop so early on the top part of the pull up?

  9. I'm 34 and just decided to get into powerlifting. Until this year I had no idea that alternating or "woven" looking abs existed. I thought you either had a symmetrical 6 pack or a keg.

  10. haven't watched the video yet so sorry if I say something you mention in the video, but modern bodybuilding at some point started to equate size with aesthetics, which is why you end up with people taking so many drugs that they develop a bubble gut in search of pure size. Hell, I've heard people say that Arnold had no legs but I'd argue that his legs were far more aesthetic as a part of his physique than the mass monsters that have been around for the past 25 years.

  11. A lot of you guys are really going to hate being so large when shit hits the fan and you don't have the required food to keep those muscles. Lean toned is the way to go.

  12. totally agree, that body building should be mor about esthetics… cause just building as much mass as humanly possible just looks ugly and will leave you litterally crippled with serious healthy disadvantages.

  13. Steve was always just going to be a sexy mofo. We can't all be that lucky. At any rate, I think the best way to train is for your personal needs, not necessarily to look good. If you wanna train to look good, you're going to be fighting genetics the whole way, most likely. But if you train for what you need to be good at in your life, your body has a hard goal to adapt to. As a military guy, thick legs and a thick core are great for running and rucking, among other things. Having a lot of upper body stamina also comes in handy. Aside from that, I need to strengthen everything to the point where I'm not breaking down doing whatever training I have to do. General strength and more muscle mass is all well and good, but I can't afford to risk an injury to obtain it. I happen to have a tiny waist and mostly good insertions (except for a weird defect with my upper left-hand pectoral) but what I need to become is a barrel-chested freedom-fighter, and that means copious corp work. And it's OK. At some point you have to let go of the notion that you're going to turn into Steve and just become a fitter version of yourself, ass-chest and all!

  14. Nobody speaks the truth. You don't want to tell the people that food is polluted now. Before it was not the case, and that is the reason why people have problem with digestive system.

  15. I think we just have to admit that us guys these days dint have the testicular fortitude those guys had back in the day. We have too many technologies draining our test levels, our lifestyles are much more easy… the list goes on. We just cant compete with the men of the 50s and 60s even to the 80s. They just weren't subjugated to the frequencies we are with our cellphone next to our balls all day

  16. I love your point about using a bicep exercise that you FEEL working and stick with it. I have been doing this with various other body parts and my exercise selection has changed dramatically. I no longer bench press, or overhead press, but instead I use the decline hammer strength machine, and a cable incline press which I feel works not just my upper chest better than barbell or incline, but also destroys my front delts! For lat pulldowns I am using 2 cable handles which hits my lats so much better than a lat pull down bar.

  17. I read somewhere Reeves said dont work obliques cause dont let the V shape you believe is true the exercises for obliques dont give V shape? Βut i believe my waist is not small are bigger

  18. the guys from the old pictures look waaaay more natural than the steroid monsters these days.
    and don`t say, they are natural gifted. they are on roids, and everyone knows this. they are as natural gifted as lance armstrong.


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