We catch up with IFBB Pro, Patrick “The Future” Moore, 6 weeks out from the Arnold Classic 2020. The video provides a behind the scenes look into what life is like for an elite bodybuilder who is on prep for one of the biggest shows of the year.

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  1. Answer: Steroids and a super strict diet.

    IFBB Pros like to romanticize the hard work they put in and while it's challenging, the biggest determinate is the diet and quality/quantity of drugs they take.

  2. This man should have a big time sponsor – so he can focus on his craft. Having the work and bodybuild – when he is at this level….come on man…..The phone needs to ring…this cats heading to the big time.

  3. Blurry abs, shallow definition, ugly tattos and hyped with no victories. Anther Richard Jones or Alexander Federov. "Oh he is pretty, Mr. Olympia!" This guy should not be mentioned in the same breath as Ronnie Coleman.

  4. What it takes. aboatload of drugs, consistency in traning, eating habit and sleep habit. Rince and repeat and oh yeah mad genetics. You can give all the drugs in the wolrd to most young adults and they will never ever reach half what he has reach. You have to be in a the 1% genetic pool and then boatloads of drugs. No real trick. Train, eat, sleep, take drugs, repeat.

  5. I just wonder if M&S will EVER touch on the topic of steroids to show What It REALLY Takes To Be A Bodybuilder. I just want them to be honest with their viewers as far as what it takes, we all know diet and lifting can only take you so far. So lets put it all out on the table to show those who want to compete what "else" you will need in order to achieve your goals professionally.

  6. great guy, but i feel like this what they said about food is to much bullshit. your body dont use the protein like right after you eat it.
    so much broscience even in pro bodybuilding

  7. How should I go about losing fat mainly my belly. What should I do at the gym or do I even go to the gym? Is it possible to turn my belly into fat. What do I eat. What works best for me and quick was eating once a day. I tell myself once I loose enough weight I’ll go to the gym because I think it would be easier to get in shape. I’m just really lost and confused. I want to finally get in shape. I can just be so lazy but I work all day and am a full time single dad.

  8. When he pointed out the fast food place next to the gym I felt that! The area where I went to the gym is surrounded by fast food places. At least a dozen of them

  9. Bru. A cheeseburger isn't 900 calories… . It's 300 to 400 tops. A massive one would probably be at 600-700. A side of fries 1300 calories ?!! Nah…not even close. It would be about 300 to 400 as well.
    For reference, a full on big mac with a soft drink is about 1100 calories.

  10. GUYS! did he just say that he eats 2300 calories per day only? Man! This is the secret to his crazy waist measurement, no visceral fat.
    On the other side, we know tens of people who barley have half of Patrick's lean mass and on 3000 calories per day, yet the moan about being hungry and in a calorie deficit -_-

  11. The amount of money invested into the lifestyle especially at that level must make it kind of hard to not win or place in a show but I’m sure just the love for it doesn’t make it that bad at the same time.


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