In this video I discuss whether or not Arnold Schwarzenegger could have competed with today’s generation of bodybuilders.
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  1. This neglects the facts that Arnold would be using the same steroids as the other guys, if he was in his prime now and that his frame and genetics can easily support the same types of muscle mass as today's bodybuilders

  2. I think with the newer/more advanced and more commonly used drugs Arnold would have been just as impressive and just a little bigger in the legs and upper body. Thanks to how wide his shoulders are in comparison to his waist and his height, I think he could still look impressive in comparison to guys today without going overboard on mass.

  3. With all due respect, there was a guy that came back 17 yrs. Or so later who competed against Arnold back in the day. Yes it was in the 90s but the drugs your talkin about were around. In fact he dwarfed Dorian Yates!! Lou Ferrigno. I thought he should've placed higher but you can't get around the politics of the game. He looked awesome AND aesthetic.I believe he was 43?

  4. I know this is a year old video but I think if he were to compete now, if he really hit his legs and back a little harder and just scaled everything up he'd win..But that probably means he'd have 25 inch arms and a 65+ inch chest lol..Seriously though, I think he'd have the same look, just more extreme

  5. I agree with you my friend. He would have taken everything that the big boys are taking today and won. It’s just in his nature to be the best. As far as him getting the bloat in his belly. I think he would have noticed this and would have made some changes and took an alternative route thus changing the way body builders use HGH or Insulin. He is very smart. He would have figured something out. Arnold never does anything discretely. He would have let everyone know that they have a big belly compared to his and made fun of them. Haha.

  6. It’s so sad to compete for who’s body will respond best to today’s heavy drugs. Once they stop hormones, they go back right where they started as if nothin happened in between except damaged organs.

  7. He was beautiful back then….. But no one was looking at him from the neck up. I'm one who thinks the face should be included. Maybe that's to vain on my part, but I think it should be the total package. No hate please, don't come after me….. That's just my opinion.

  8. I really dislike him. I looked up to him. I was young when I watched the movie pumping iron. When he ran for governor of California, he promised to stop out of control spending. He lied. He was the American dream. I am the grandson of Italian immigrants. I connected with him and he destroyed my connection to him.

  9. Arnold woukdve won no matter what era ..why ? Because he had brilliant genetics and symmetry and he knew how to sculpt his body ..another 30 pounds easily if he was around today ..always the king

  10. If Arnold never retired for that 5 year period he would most definitely would have continued to win the Olympia until Haney won in 1984. His record would have been 14 Olympia's in a row (1970-1983). If Arnold competed today as the video demonstrated he would have been about 40 pounds heavier, not sure how his body would have held up.

  11. min:1:21 heyyyyy WTF que hp cuerpo tan horrible de los dizque campeones de esta época. y si quieren comparar a Arnold con otros fisiculturistas por que demonios olvidan que él era mas alto que los demás mr olimpias…..siempre las fotos las colocan como si fueran de la misma altura lo que provoca que se vean mas grandes cuando la verdad es que se verian irrisoriamente enanos

  12. In my eyes, Anorld was one of the best bodybuilders of all time, alongside people like Frank Zane, Tom Platz, Lou Ferrigno, etc., etc. Today's bodybuilders are more reminiscent of fleshed-out Marvel comics. I know that steroids were taken at Arnold's time, but what's going on today is totally overkill. I do not like watching the modern bodybuilders anymore – natural bodybuilders excepted.

  13. Modern day bodybuilding needs to start refocusing again on aesthetics. I’m not saying go back to the Frank Zane era necessarily but if bodybuilders focused more on the amount of definition like what Ronnie Coleman brought in the late 90’s and combined it with more aesthetic builds like Zane and Arnold, there’d be a lot more fans and people enjoying and getting into modern day bodybuilding.

  14. There was grace and beauty in the bodybuilding in the 60’s and the 70’s. Today’s pregnant drug-sacks look absolutely pathetic. The classic physique is the closest we can get to that golden era.

  15. Whoever thinks arnie was natural boy i got this great water to sell u bro…its fuckn immaculate water where if u drink it for 3 to 4 weeks straight u will gain 20 to 30lb in a matter of weeks up to 1 month


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