What Burns The Most Calories? WEIGHTLIFTING or CARDIO?

Thanks for your suggestions that you left in the last video, I went ahead and tried out weights vs cardio. Let me know what you want next! STAY BUFF.

Also I lost my Apple Watch so for this one I picked up a Fitbit Charge 3. You can see everything I use here: http://amazon.com/shop/buffdudes

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What Burns The Most Calories? WEIGHTLIFTING vs CARDIO Challenge!

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  1. Maybe Im different, or maybe it's just my opinion and its wrong, but I consider weight training with lighter weight and higher reps with lower rest periods "cardio" too. Its just a different kind of cardio than running, which by default is what most people consider cardio.

  2. This is honestly a stupid comparison.. if you're not using the proper equipment to measure your heart rate accurately than there's no point of making this video. speaking from a person who wears a Fitbit every single day and will exercises with chest strap there is a drastic difference in your heart rate and the caloric difference!

  3. Looks like you ran intervals, still cardio but less intense than most would do. If you had run consistently for 40 minutes depending on your pace, you could have burned up to 600-650 calories.

    I was still surprised at the calorie burn of lifting weights, but pleasantly so.

    Keep the fantastic content coming.

  4. He didn't run very fast, so that didn't really gave cardio a fair chance. In general, cardio burns more than lifting during the workout, while lifting burns some during and a lot more afterwards than cardio.

  5. I burn almost 1.5x as many calories doing cardio (running for 1hr at 7:15/mile i.e. 950 calories) than weightlifting, so I think it really depends on your level of current endurance. Then again, when you get to a certain level of endurance, you are probably not looking to lose any more weight…

  6. Would somewhat disagree with the outcome of this video. I Run, Cycle and do Weights on a weekly basis. In a typical hour I burn ~800 cal running, ~600 cal cycling and ~300 cal weights. IMO running is hands down the quickest calorie burn but it's the most brutal on your body (impact). Possibly HIIT training might be as effective but I didn't see any HIIT training in the vid'. Regardless. Just doing something is better than nothing! Get moving!

  7. very interesting comparison. I do weights and lots of running. I don't generally think of weights as a cardio event, but it all depends on your pace. Some guys take 3 hours to do 5 sets, so that's not cardio… lol

  8. little trick on the tread mill, if you type in the speed you want and press enter on the digit pad it will automatically adjust to the speed. instead of constantly pressing the up and down to adjust.

  9. Cardio is still best you can do more cardio over time with out taxing your body. You can do cardio 360 days straight with no rest days. Lifting weight every day, for a year straight ,yoou will need to take 2 off days minimum threw out the week . for advance guys who weight train "6-7" times out the week 3-4 of those days are mainly isolation movements u won't see them doing bench press,squats,deadlifts, and barebell shoulder presses for 7 days straight. They will have their 3 main days and the other 3-4 days are fillers like calvs and abs, shoulders and triceps, hamstring ,quads very low volume training with high reps, but weight lifting is important. I wouldnt recommend anyone to do cardio with out doing weight lifting!

  10. Eh. Not a single pull up was done in this video. Why aren't you going all the way down? Making it a half motion rep? Protecting elbows? What's up with that?
    2nd, HIIT lasting 40mins? On a treadmill? What is this? All that good weather in the open wasted. Not to mention, if the HIIT is done properly, you should be literally spitting your lungs out after 20mins of running, and there you are after 40mins, sitting in the car talking – i know there is probably some downtime in between footage, but still. After a proper HIIT you would have hated your body and life for 5min straight. Every time, you can't get used to that. Why? Cuz HIIT is always 100% or go home. If you got used to it, you are not doing it right anymore.

  11. Weight burns alot more calories than cardio. Even after your workout your body uses energy to repair and build muscle, usually around a 24h period after your weight workout (if it was intense) which uses more calories over all. However, cardio increases your cardiovascular fitness which correlates to your metabolism. If you have a high cardiovascular fitness then you'll have a high metabolism. Which means you have more energy to expend throughout the day and can consume more calories without worrying too much what you eat. Both are good and both should be trained.

  12. one way i like to burn calories is i put the treadmill incline to 15, for speed i start at 3.5 and work up to 4.5, i put in intervals of 5-6 periodically, but i can burn up to 1200 calories in an hour doing this.

  13. Hey! I'm a runner, not a weightlifter, I just watch this for fun/education. Depending on where I am in the running season I weight between 71 to 74kg. I run about 70-90km a week and guess what – when I want to lose some weight, I actually do push-ups. A shit ton of them. For example I try to beat my own time on doing 300 push-ups. When I do this for 3 weeks I get so much faster doing these 300 push-ups and I lose weight, like 1 or even 2 kg. I can run for 20kms a day and not lose that. Just some food for thought 😉

  14. Where is your bro? Do you guys hate each other now? I knew there was some tension in your guys videos… he was kinda looking small anyway..you don’t need him. Good for you bro..

  15. To my understanding, cardio burns calories very quickly while doing it, but the recovery period after weight training continuously burns calories well after the workout is complete. That said, I personally believe both are important if you work out to be healthy.

  16. The key is to be an all around athlete, elite at distance running, sprinting, swimming and strength training will do this, the human body is designed for multipurpose physical abilities, not just 1, because if you train in just 1 activity mostly, (weights) you will get your best at that area and lack all other areas, and we as humans are not the best in the world to any of these compared to animals, but we as humans can be we'll rounded the best we can, in this method, you will live the longest, and become one survival built toughass body.


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