Group A of the Women’s +63kg category.

GOLD: Duanganksorn CHAIDEE (THA)
BRONZE: Tatyana Kapustina (KAZ)

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  1. Grest girls! But I think I prefer a bit of muscles on me and I don't need strenght like that.
    I take Me Solution Plus (also for women) and have muscles like I wish.

  2. It's kind of silly to hide the stripes with black tape and leave the Adidas logo on the chest.

    Best lift of the event.
    She missed 120kg twice and came back to challenge 123kg.
    And she made it!!!

  3. u ya h K no y k no u y yo no me ayo amor ya ya besitos xau amor marratito Si amor mucho se me kuida Si po también ya y me falta eso kiero y me ayo y y me y u ya no h K y k y k yebaste un u y k no me interesa K no tenía y k no tenía y me tú y me tú y k yy y t@ K y y k yebaste

  4. Если считать с применением коэффициента, учитывающим вес собственного тела по отношению к взятым весам – как и должно быть – (см. первые олимпиады), то красотулечка Светлана Щербакова на первом месте. Причём, с огромным отрывом! 68 кг -103 кг. И на Светлану просто приятно смотреть.

    If we assume with the use of a coefficient that takes into account the weight of one's own body in relation to the weighed scales – as it should be – (see the first olympiads), then Svetlana Shcherbakova, the beauty girl, comes first. Moreover, with a huge margin! 68 кг -103 кг. And it's simply nice to see Svetlana.

  5. si la de russia campeona de la medalla de plata supiera como se ve de hermosa sonrriendo , sonrreiria mas seguido mamasita yo termine enamorado de esa linda chica fortachona un besito mamasita rica …..

  6. I weigh 98.5. I’m a sophomore in highschool and I just did weightlifting this year. I ended the season with a max of 65 on CxJ and bench. At first I was only able to lift the bar!(45pounds)I hope by senior year I’m lifting over my weight! At the gym they won’t let me lift weights even though I’m 16 already, but at school I joined weight training, it’s a gym class. Today I got 70 CxJ. I wonder if I could do what these girls are doing even though I weigh so light..

  7. 1st time watching. Of course Asians would do it, wonder if anywhere else runs to put a human shield to block eyes from fallen competitor. Their class and courtesy astonishes me sometimes


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