Mark Rippetoe explains why every man needs a good pair of weightlifting shoes if they’re going to get serious with the barbell. Check out Mark’s book Starting Strength:


  1. Are you serious? I love your videos but this one? 
    "Weightlifting Shoes With Mark Rippetoe". Okey nice I think I need a pair of new weightlifting shoes..
    But 2.20 in the video "THESE are safe, they don't make these anymore"…… Ohh okey, so what kind of shoes am I suppose to wear?

  2. Hi McKays and AoM friends! Nice video series on workouts. I particularly use Boxing shoes when I squat ( ) due to the reasons listed on this video. And for lack of attention (mine and my brother's) once unloading the bench press on my side, his side still loaded, a 45 pounds plate fell right onto his foot (breaking a few bones…) After mutes of "icing" the foot, he managed to finish the day's training, but later on headed the hospital to have a brand new plaster cast… DO NOT EXERCISE BAREFOOT! 🙂

  3. I really have to object with a lot this guy says.
    There is no real issue in lifting barefoot, its only a problem if you aren't training that way and the extra ankle stability and mobility come into play (and you don't adjust technique for it).
    Secondly, the bass is so that this isnt any variable give across the shoe. If you have padded running shoes on, the compression across the sole is too variable and can cause lateral pressure in your foot. Aka welcome to snap city.
    You dont wear these shoes for deadlifts (most dont that I have seen anyway), and if you are squatting, then the compression of when you lift isn't going to change because the weight of the bar will force it down before you start.
    This guy is giving advice what appears to be from his time, and a lot has advanced since then. (Reflected in stronger lifts in all sports and categories).
    Love the format of the series, but this guy isn't the best with his information!

  4. Having a different type of shoe won't do really anything to your weightlifting overall. It's like putting a dime on your weights and expect it to give you more weight to lift.

  5. Enjoying the Rippetoe videos.

    BTW, I appreciate your judicious editing of the swear words that get into your videos sometimes. Have you ever thought of producing a manliness video on not swearing in public? Seems pervasive among the youth of today.

  6. I picked up my Weightlifting shoes last week after I finished reading Starting Strength. Got my Friday reps in and there was such a positive noticeable difference. My only regret was not getting them on sooner! Thanks AOM!

  7. Question – other than for squatting, what are these good for? Should I use them for deadlifts and bent over rows? I understand that for those movements they can throw off your balance a little, but I have bad wobbly feet and I can benefit from the tight grip of the shoe and the stability to the floor.

  8. Nature gave humans the best shoes unless your generation has been domesticated for the last few hundred years.  You don't need all these fancy shoes.  Barefoot is the way to go.  He talks about how contact to the ground is very important then advocates an extra layer between the foot and the ground.  Does not make sense. All feeding in to the capitalist culture. I like all his lifting form advices but he is wrong on the shoes.

  9. I like the points about squishy shoes. I would like to learn more about the support aspect of what he talks about. I don't know shoe anatomy well, but I'm thinking what they call the "last" of the shoe would be the part responsible for what he's talking about?

  10. I don't really understand. Barefeet is bad but the shoes have no compression? Isn't that just the same as bare feet aside from some arch support?

    I would think that, similar to using a bar instead of a smith machine, going barefoot would help beef up your feet to stand the extra stresses.

  11. Can someone please explain this to me? Can I use my olympic lifting shoes while deadlifting too? Since the heels are a bit raised, won't that create problems?

  12. I almost always squat barefooted and so do a lot of powerlifters even when they're competing and setting world records. They're called weightlifting shoes because they're used for olympic weightlifting. Olympic weightlifting as a sport itself is just called "weightlifting," only people who don't know the actual name of the sport call it olympic weightlifting.

  13. Shoe salespeople always claim you're supposed to replace your shoes every year. I realize that's for daily use but if Rip has had his shoes for 17 years, they really should be replaced since the entire shoe starts to break down!

  14. I bought a pair of weighlifting shoes and like Mark advised in a written article I went to have it shimmed because of leg length discrepancy.

    The cobbler said the sole of the shoe is treated with something that prevents anything he tries to use from sticking to it. He said the shim will fail and then the shoes will be ruined.

    Mark said under no circumstances use a lift in a shoe and I had no choice while I work out a solution to the 'treated' sole on my lifting shoe. I did deadlifts with the lift in one shoe and driving all the weight through that lift into the floor at the start of the lift it was destroyed. Now I know why not to use a lift. It also has that squidge element which is no good during a lift.

  15. I love his train of thought for "deciding where shit stops". It's the same thing when I tell people I used his GOMAD routine and people say, "humans shouldn't drink milk, we're the only mammal that drinks another mammals milk". My response is similar to Rip's, " we're also the only mammals that use elevators, tooth brushes and toilet paper."

  16. I think this is a pretty subjective topic. I used to squat in weightlifting shoes but I now prefer to use metcons. Can't explain why but I've got a plate in my right ankle so maybe it's a mobility issue.

    Deadlifting barefoot feels better to me but not much better than in metcons so I usually keep my shoes on unless I'm going for a 1-RM or something.

    That being said, weightlifting shoes makes a huge difference for me with oly lifts, particularly the snatch, mostly due to my poor balance.

  17. No one in these videos ever answers the basic question of WHEN do you wear elevated heel weightlifting shoes. Do you wear them just for squats? Are they beneficial for deadlifts, too? How about standing presses?

  18. Back in the "Good Old Days" before $ 100 plus weightlifting shoes, we used to lift in boots and have a shoemaker add a 1/4" to the heel. Now, everything has to be specially made and super expensive. WE'RE JUST TRAINING, FOLKS. Most of us aren't Olympic caliber.

  19. Incorrect to say lifting barefoot is damaging on the feet. Not really. Barefoot provides the best form of neuro activation that can actually boost your squat numbers through effective feedback. Of course you need reasonable ankle mobility which you can derive by placing your heels on a 2.5kg flat plate

  20. running shoes seem to lose most of their squish over time, so I kinda think old running shoes aren't half bad. if you lift in them, the weight will make the padding wear out even faster, so it's somewhat of a self-correcting problem. obviously best to have weightlifting shoes though.


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