Weightlifting & Running After Spinal Fusion. Part of the series: Tips From a Chiropractor. Weightlifting and running after spinal fusion is something that you should only do once you’ve gotten your doctor’s permission. Learn about weightlifting and running after spinal fusion with help from the owner and treating doctor of chiropractic at Championship Chiropractic in this free video clip. Read more: http://www.livestrong.com/video/1006408-weightlifting-running-after-spinal-fusion/


  1. Hi, Dr. Donald. I am 27 years old. I had surgery at the level L5-S1, spinal fusion. My problem was spinal stenosis, bulging and herniated disc. The problem is happened as an injury at the workplace on a cruise ship during the lifting heavy objects.

    Today is exactly 8 months and 12 days after surgery and I feel good. I got the excersices such as kneeling superman, bridge, cat-camile, plank, side plank and leg lifts from physiatrist and I was doing that for 2 months everyday. I started with these excercises 3 months after surgery. Now I am able to do running, push ups, pull ups, abdominal excercises, also I even try to do weightlifting to build lower back muscle in the gym with a instructor and I was surprised that I can do that without any discomfort in the lower back. I have no spasms, no more pain during the night while I sleeping, no more pain in the left leg. I continue doing these excercises 2 times a week. The only thing which I can not do without any discomfort is rotating my lumbar area probably cause of screws and sometimes when I bending I also feel discomfort. Do I will have that discomfort for whole life? I really want to know your opinion and what you can recommend me about exercises for building muscle in the lower back if it's possible to build muscle with screws in the lower back. Thanks in advance.

  2. You are awesome. I am very appreciative of health care professionals who work within the team framework. Ones who think they could’ve solved all of the problems all along by themselves, or put you down for having gotten surgery such as spinal fusion, or the opposite (health care professionals who put down the chiropractic profession which is geared towards maintaining spine health) completely have it wrong if you ask me. There are times and Instances where a person may need a spinal fusion but will still need the care of chiropractic physical and rehabilitative medicine with the assistance of some interventional pain specialists who can deal with trouble pain generators along the way.

    Thank you for this approach. As a health care professional and as a spine patient, it’s my belief that if coordinated care is delivered at the appropriate time to motivated individuals, we will get far better outcomes, collectively.

  3. What about Dip bar push ups ? Will I ever be able to do those ? (Dip Bar push ups are something I absolutely loved to do a lot. Past 8 months I have become incredibly out of shape due to spinal damage & I am consulting with orthopedic spine surgeons as to whether a surgery is needed ? they believe its Myelopathy and a C6, C7 fusion is on the table here) my health in this deteriorating state has limited me in exercise I was warned and advised to not life any item over 20 – 25 lbs or over exert myself physically and it has created a brand new nightmare for me ever since because I cannot work out at all everything I used to love to do were push ups, plank freeze positions, burpees, Dip bar push ups, yoga, handball (just like Raquet ball but no Raquet), I even suffer from neuro symptoms such as delayed speech or inability to pronounce my words at times, recurring sharp pain behind my left eye, back pain, Stenois pain (very distinct in that it radiates and in how it feels), I drop stuff a lot, I cant button my shirt now properly sometimes and it makes me very mad, it has been a nightmare for me because I used to have a peace of mind in my work outs I used to meditate and now……my ability has been lost, untapped and I dont even want to go into how I feel emotionally. Will I ever be able to do dip bar push ups ?, Practice martial arts of any kind ?, Lift weights ? I am 32 years old my life changed drastically and I continue to suffer from this and more.


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