Say bitter things that don’t mean.. in Lee Jeong-eun.
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  1. I've been witnessing Nam Joo Hyuk's acting since the start of his career, and although he's still got a long way to go, I am so surprised by his improvement. Just wow! I'm in tears too lol

  2. well, he finally confront his aunt a.k.a his 2nd mother about the presents that she boughts in the name of his birth mom. he asked was it because his birth mom paid her to do it? that were the only part i understand.

  3. he really did perfectly for this scene. He really portrayed how he felt about it. As an audience i understands why he cried so badly and feels frustrated. His aunt and uncle raised him with so much love that even her mother cannot gives. And his cousin, Jae Yi also treats him like a brother. In this scene, even though he yell at his Aunt, Jae Yi is not get angry at him for being rude to his mother but patiently wait and console his mother. This family were so kind for him and that's why he felt more terrible. Well, that's how i interpret this scene from my view as an audience. I first watched Nam Joo Hyuk in School 2015 and i fall in love with him. At that time, he doesn't have much drama and now i glad that i can see him more and more..i hope i will see him more in future too..hwaiting!

  4. The acting in this scene is outstanding!! Their emotions is so perfectly portrayed that I deeply feel both of their pain. Nam Joo Hyuk gave us a tremendous performance in this drama. I am looking forward to more good drama with him.

  5. I hate characters like His mother they ditch their kids on who ever will take them then come crawling back into their lives after their all grown up to mooch what they can off of them . He should've never spoken to his real mother ever again. All those years apart and she couldn't even remember her own son's birthday it was just an after thought . All she cared about was her family's money how much of it she could get . When he went missing she didn't even look for him or care she just picked up packed up and jumped on the first plane out of town with the money .


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