Infiltrated a worried about Sung-Kyung dorm!.
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  1. This is so similar to my story

    so my crush likes me back and i thought that we should talk it was like Dec. 30 night so everyone is outside so we decided to keep it a secret that we'll talk then my friends saw me and they run to me. My crush and i were so the only idea i thought of is to tell them that i need water and i want to go there with them, there i clearly rushed to the door so they wouldn't suspect me. When i was done drinking i ended up telling them so they'll know i and my crush needed privacy but they ended up spying on us so i cant say anything i needed to tell him…

  2. K-dramas are sooo innocent like literally man and woman just put their lips together and stand doing nothing else for like 30 minutes and camera shows it from every angle possible. But Korean movies, in contrast, are very aggressive. I don't know what to expect of Koreans anymore.


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