Lee Sung-Kyung and Nam Joo-Hyuk white in the snow, Kiss.
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  1. This drama is honestly such a breath of fresh air. I was skeptical of watching it at first, because who wants to watch a drama about weightlifting? Boy oh boy, I was so glad that I was wrong and picked up the drama. I love how this drama literally melts your heart with it's cuteness. No boring typical K-drama Cinderella stories with a rich guy meeting a poor girl, a bitchy mom, or an asshole school girl. No unnecessary drama. I love how this drama is just a good ole Romcom. We need more K-dramas like this with an original story and this undeniable chemistry between the two main leads.

  2. this is definitely my favourite scene of the entire drama, and this is the first time i don't feel awkward watching a kissing scene and i can watch it over and over again, the acting is just impeccable, the micro emotions, joonhyung's lips movement , the blinking of bokjoo's eyes, how they rub their nose with each other, everything plus the music is just absolutely on point and effectively shows how haengbok they are!

  3. that's a beauty-washing, the real warrior wasn't as pretty as that, nor as tall as the actress who plays her. she is an ordinary-looking girl with an extraordinary talent.
    when the Korean youth sees this they think even this is only-pretty talents they might think this is only for super beautiful, thin and tall girls. and when the girl with the real story jang Mi-ran sees this she will think she isn't good enough and her story was imperfect and they needed to fix it with a pretty girl plays her.

  4. I haven't rewatched this in a while and since it's InternationalKissDay, I'm here to watch one of the best kisses and scenes in the history of scenes. I hope their sharing a kiss/kisses like this on a special day like today and hope they continue to share more onto the future


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