Nam Joo-hyuk, Kiss, saying that like it to Lee Sung-kyung.
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  1. He finally admits he likes her.
    Finally gives her a smothering kiss that smacked her to next month.
    He didn't get back together with the irrelevant gymnast.
    She didn't totally shut him down after.
    *Slow claps
    I can rest in peace.

  2. to any shippers, Nam Joo-hyuk clearly and firmly said he does NOT like her, and DENIED the fact of that EVER happening and she's only and older SISTER to him and NOTHING more.

  3. I so adore Sungkyung. She can act so well. Her roles are also so versatile. She can be very very feminine and can also be extremely sassy. When I look at her character in Cheese In A Trap and compare it to Bokjoo it's hard to believe she is the same person.


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