Nam Joo-hyuk hugs Lee Sung-kyung while holding it up.
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  1. This drama is one of the best dramas I've ever seen .. they convey the feelings so well , all the things that teens go through ..and this scene just makes me cry so much, because Bokjoo feels kinda depressed and I know those feelings, it's damn hard to get through it ..

  2. this week I think was the saddest I've seen the episodes get.
    kind of like scarlet heart, how it started incredibly warm and sweet but go so much darker later on.
    Can't wait for next week…..
    Huemnerra Kim Bok Joo….

  3. I applaud the writers of this drama for tackling sensitive issues such as trauma, pressure, eating disorder, and depression. Imo, the drama's depiction of depression is on point. Bokjoo knew that something was wrong with her but she couldn't pinpoint what and that's what the first stage of depression exactly is like–sometimes, the person himself has no idea that he's depressed but he knows something's wrong within him. Joonhyung immediately realized that Bokjoo's suffering from depression which is what also usually happens irl. Sometimes, it's the outsider who noticed the symptoms first. Weightlifting Fairy was able to show the good and bad things that college students deal with.

  4. I didn't realize it was depression dat she's having. I just know she wud start hating weightlifting becoz of her first love and how she is ashamed to admit she's a weightlifter to her crush. Plus, with coach not around.. I tot her symptoms are just being heart-broken. And Joon Hyung has experienced it before..

  5. These titles seriously confuse me.. "Hugs Sung-kyung while holding it up" … I understand that they're using the actors' names, but what is he holding up?

  6. I honestly didn't give this a chance when this first came out because im not really into coming-of-age dramas but since i got bored i decided to watch this AND OMG YES. This drama is perfectly written well. I feel for Bokju so much, I cry when she cries. I'm happy when she;s happy. And her relationship with Joonhyung is so heartwarming. They became the best of friends who's been very honest with each other. Man i can't wait for the next eps.

  7. honestly both of them are so good at doing the little details in whenever i watch something i always observe how their expression looks like and how each part of their face and body corresponds to it and they do it so naturally. it's really hard to pull something like that.

  8. I'm so thankful that finally there's such scenario in a kdrama. Something I can really relate to. Being sad and depressed without knowing the reason why. And now, whenever I do feel this way, I just go back to this scene and it makes me feel a little better.

  9. Translation:

    Mr: My Goodness
    Mr: Excuse me (Student) What are you doing here?
    Mr: Why are you lying on here? It's dark already
    Mr: You'll freeze to death. Get up and Go.
    Bok Joo: I'm sorry

    JH: Hey. What's the matter with you? Where on Earth have you been?
    JH: Everyone was looking all over for you
    JH: Why did you turn off your phone? are you a teenager?
    JH: Did you go into hiding to make people worry?
    JH: How can you be so immature?
    JH: How can you keep making me feel uneasy?
    JH: Why do you keep making me worry…
    JH: if you're okay?
    BJ: Joon Hyung…
    BJ: I feel strange
    BJ: I think I'm sick
    BJ: I don't want to do anything
    BJ: I don't wanna lift weights
    BJ: Strangely, I feel so sleepy
    BJ: I feel listless
    JH: Bok Joo…
    BJ: I think a part of me is broken
    BJ: I feel like something is pressing my heart
    BJ: It feels so frustrating
    BJ: And it makes me sad
    BJ: What should I do?

  10. I really like this drama… it depicts exactly what student athletes are going through… I’m also a student athlete, can’t say how great this drama is, it portrays all the struggles we as athletes been through.. THANKS WRITERS

  11. I cried so much with this scene. I felt related to Kim Bok Joo, because it's one of those moments where you're frustrated with a situation and you just feel overwhelmed. Maybe you feel like everything is going bad, you feel sad and don't know what to do. Those moments when you just need to cry and be hugged.

  12. Some people say this drama doesnt have much of a story… i disagree
    . Its about everyday life, friendship, depression and not giving up despite that.
    Truth to be told it is what actually happens in reality..


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