Here is my routine! I do this 3 x per week for the first 6 weeks starting in December. My season ends on November 15th after the Miami Man International triathlon. I take 2 weeks of complete down time.
Around Jan 1, I start to incorporate some swim/bike/run but for enjoyment. I don’t push myself into workouts I don’t feel up to. But I do stay on top of the weights. Around the 15th my triathlon training begins to pick up and I reduce the weights to 2 x per week. During the triathlon season I do the weights once per week to maintain except for the week of a race.

Slow movement training allows you to reach fatigue quickly. That means less time lifting weights, more time for training multi sport!

Squats 1 set easy for warm up 12-15 reps
1 set heavy 4-8 reps
Leg Press (one leg) 1 set 4-8 reps
Dead lift 1 set 4-8 reps
Lying leg curls (one leg) 1 set 4-8 reps
Leg extensions (one leg) 1 set 4-8 reps
Optional add on or alternate – seated leg curl 1 set 4-8 rep
Lat pull downs 1 set 4-8 reps
Seated back row 1 set 4-8 reps
Chest press 1 set 4-8 reps
Shoulder press 1 set 4-8 reps
Side lateral raise 1 set 4-8 reps
Hip flexor cable raises 4-8 reps
Rotator cuff – inward and outward rotations 10-20 reps

Core routine to come- lots of moving planks!

Consult a personal trainer if you don’t have any experience with lifting heavy. A few sessions can help ensure that you don’t hurt yourself by lifting more than you are capable of. It will give you a spotter to help you reach your max weight on the reps. As well as give you pointers on perfect form.

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  1. Hey 🙂 Not trying to be a douch. But you should consider improving your squatting technique. Otherwise you might end up injured when it could have been avoided. I am specifially thinking about your depth. Not going below parallel actually increases your risk of knee injury since the patello-femoral stress is so much bigger than if you go below parallel.. Again, not trying to be a douch, just think it would suck if you got injured 🙂

  2. Actually YOU should see a good trainer. Someone to teach you how to squat and deadlift.
    Also I would not recommend doing overhead press for athletes with a lot of overhead stress aka swimming.
    Going on…why do you move slowly on purpose. This only teaches your muscles to move SLOW. I suspect you are racing aka trying to move fast. I know weight training is not your main training but you should really reach out to someone with a background in athletic training to help you get faster.

  3. Hi Deirdre, I noticed you mentioned you were going to post your core routine that's done with this workout. Unfortunately I cant seem to find it. Could you link that video or post your routine? Thank you for these videos and good luck with your training.

  4. Why work slow? Speed(or, the wish for speed) developes more power and should therefore make you faster on the bike and run. At least, science says so. Also: Work on your lower back on the DL. Squats: More upright, a bit wider stance, and maybe go deeper? All in all: The slow, constant tension way of training is good for rehab/prehab but does not build power and strength, like heavy resistance training does.

  5. thanks for putting the exercices together. i have got a question, I just starting with tri training so I am a beginner training for olympic distance and not sure how to incorporate the weight training now that there is no off season for me and I started training 4 to 5 times per week between swim/bike/run. in which days should the weight training be incorporated as I experience in general muscle fatigue after a weight session. thanks 🙂

  6. Did a couple triathlon in the past few years. As to change up my routine and add power I did powerlifting for the past few months. So as for lifting my body is use to it but now I am ready to go back into triathlons. Do I change my lifting style for triathlon now or do I just throw in my endurance training and stay lifting heavy?


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