Weightlifting VS Calisthenics, I’ve received many messages about this topic so I decided to put this video together so you guys can get my opinion, however I would LOVE for you guys to give me your views on this topic and what you think, PLEASE leave your comments below.

Want to learn how to build your body with BASIC calisthenics ?

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  1. I believe that calisthenics is much more challenging and more usefull in real life, but let's face it. Weights allow you to isolate and target specific muscles. Also, if smb is a beginner, weights can improve strength much faster than calisthenics. I personally love both. I do calisthenics as i find it useful and more challenging but i do weights too in order to isolate some muscles.

  2. Question for u bro. When u train specific muscles do u break them apart? Example chest n triceps one day ..n the next biceps n back the next day..n etc …or do u train all upper body in one shot

  3. I like calisthenics much more. If you can’t handle your own body weight, that should tell you something. Weights are good for mirror muscles. I’m not a bodybuilder. Calisthenics give you more of a natural look and are a lot less stressful on your joints, which you will appreciate down the road. I think a more useful substitute for weights are bands and TRX. Isolation is good for mirror muscles but it isn’t how our bodies function in reality. My only criticism is that you only did upper body. I’d love to see a similar comparison for the lower body.

  4. I do both Calisthenics + Compound Exercises (Squats/Deadlift/Benchpress) i do not like isolate movements .
    People pls do not compare training methods all have different goals .
    Just dont go sit on the Couch eating bon bons #CT Fletcher will get Angry XD

  5. I don't think you can put these things in opposition. It depends what you're trying to achieve. I don't agree with one of the comments below that says weight lifting is the best way for a beginner to get stronger, this is flawed. I think bodyweight exercises as a beginner are the quickest way to build fundamental strength to even begin considering lifting weights. It's hard to imagine but somebody who has never worked out won't have very much strength at all. The absolute most basic and important thing they can do is Push ups. Push ups push ups push ups push ups…and I guarantee you they will build enough strength to carry on. Calisthenics is obviously the much harder practice. It takes a lot longer to master the moves and the variations than just lifting heavier weights…does this make it more challenging? Yes because of the dedication and willingness to put in that effort to master. They both have totally different aims though. Eventually youll get stronger lifting things but maybe weaker controlling your body.

  6. Having done both, I think calisthenics is more challenging (because of the numerous variations you can do with one exercise). In my opinion weights will get you bigger faster (calisthenics will also get you bigger but it takes more time) however calisthenics will get you functionally stronger and it's easier on the joints, I know this personally because after years of doing delt raises with weights using perfect form and technique my shoulders would give me problems so if you want to work out for the remainder of your life with little to no injury calisthenics is better.

  7. Anyone who says weightlifting: I'd like to see you perform full Planche Push ups for reps.
    Anyone who say callisthenics: I'd like to see you Bench Press 500 lbs for reps.
    They both have their merits, PROGRESSION is the name of the game.

  8. I totally agree – I have done weight training for almost 30 years, and started calisthenics for 6 months ago… Calisthenics is much harder – and I gain more muscle with Calisthenics, than weight training… I would never thought that would be the case.

  9. For me weights will always be more challenging, especially exercises involving the legs, because I only do calisthenics. I can do split squats and pistol squats just fine but stick a barbell on my back and ask me to do any significant weighted squats and I'll probably fail horribly. I still have good strength, just not in those exercises. The reverse is also true (from what I've seen). People who only lift weights can squat ridiculous amounts but ask them to do a pistol/split squat or a OHP and they can't knock out more than 2-3 reps. You train your body for the kind of strength you want. If you want to be able to move yourself around more easily, go for calisthenics. Want to move something else more easily, do weights.

  10. I believe calisthenics are definitely better when it comes to building overall functional strength and even pure strength at the same time. I do believe for your upper body that is but I also believe though when it comes to your lower body I don't think there's really any calisthenic exercise that beats weighted squats or deadlifts, that is just my opinion I feel like those two exercises definitely help build your legs the best.

  11. I do mainly calisthenics though, I'm fine with light weights. Other than being a lot of fun , calisthenics is kinder to people who suffer from chronic lower back pain like myself, because I don't overload my lower back. So yeah, calisthenics is the one for me.

  12. For push up its not a problem but pull ups and the exercise of triceps for me is just imposible to do a full set,i think you are right calistenics is more challenged than weight lift

  13. Calisthenics is more challenging. I struggle to do more than five pull ups but I can lift my own body weight on a lat pull down quite easily

  14. I think cardio and calisthenics is perfect for my goals. I do not want to get any bigger. I have enough muscle I just wanna trim down around the muscle thats already there.

  15. Calistenics is far better than weights to me cause it strenghtens your joints and core first and builds your muscles last lol perfect for someone going for the longrun in fitness and avoiding the injuries, also calisthenics make me less stiff and more flexible, also it builds a proportionate form, just my take homies later


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