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  1. I start the gym tomorrow, and I hope I get someone as good as you. I do know that I get a personal trainer for weight lifting. I like what you said, long lean muscles.
    I am 50, a retire (female police officer) and had one child, (natural delivery) I sure hope I can get back to where I was 18 years ago. I think I can.
    I am excited. I also smoked for a time, but quit. I still have great power. I just took a job as a custodian-at my age I love it-physically demanding & have lost 24 lb OTJ

  2. @whitesoxfanforsure awesome job. You CAN get back to where your were 18 yrs ago.. Push as hard as you can … Make sure your have a good trainer that teaches you EVERYTHING about what quality cardio is, a dynamic, fun and functional workout and educates you are EVERYTHING about nutrition and supports you EVERYDAY on food logging… If not..message me and I hand some options for you…start positive and determined and beautiful

  3. my boyfriend did the Russian bear workout i only have been dead lifting squatting and all that junk but i have been looking for something i could do with my dumbbells thank you so much they look like it would be pretty effective 🙂

  4. i have a question im about 5"8 and weight 240 but i dont look that fat becuase i used to be really active i just could never loose weight or look thinner. So i wanted to know if i do weight training like this will it help me lose weight or will i just gain muscle which isnt bad but i want to burn this belly and thigh fat. and im a girl

  5. @SuperNutellaontoast you will gain lean muscle tissue but also burn fat at a quicker rate… doing resistance training with cardio at nutrition wilburn 5 to 10 times the amount of calories… there for getting to your goal 5 to 10 times quicker

  6. I just completed this routine and OMG!!! I did 2 sets with half the weight and I am dying!! Today I started strength training to define my muscles, I have lost all the weight I wanted and gained some muscle tone through yoga (which I LOVE) but want those sexy clear lined muscles. Thanks so much for making this, I will be returning and I WILL SUCCEED!! Muah!

  7. yes that's usually what they say but my philosophies are totally different. I believe in ridiculously heavy weight and still high reps…. so if I tell you to do 20 and the wait is so heavy that you can only do 5 at a time…then it's perfect… and keep going until you hit 20 reps

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  10. Been in the military 12 years and I get more from your work outs than I do from our regulated PT lol. Thanks for all the creative idea's to break up my status quo. Your energy rocks.

  11. I love your arms. I have a 15 pound dumbbell and somehow everytime I lift it my wrist hurt and BTW I have a small wrist. I have to use 2 hand to lift it. Do i have to switch to 10 pounds to lift it with one hand or do i keep trying with the 15 pound one? 

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