Dumbbell upright rows weight lifting exercises build shoulder muscles. Learn to do dumbbell upright row exercises with tips from a personal trainer in this free weight lifting video.

Expert: Brad Aubry
Bio: Brad Aubry is CEO of VersaFit, as well as a national natural bodybuilder, certified personal trainer and a nutrition and fitness therapy specialist through International Sports Science Association.
Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz


  1. It also hits the biceps a little as well and traps. Do these, dips, bent rows, bench press( or floor presses if no bench ), bicep curls…Thats all you really need for upper body. You can throw in some chest flys or frenches, but thats the fundamentals. Also, shoulder press if you have no shoulder problems doing them. For legs: Squats, deadlifts, leg press, or sumo squats. Followed by an isolation, then calves. Again the basics.

  2. – triceps pushdown with rope attachment
    – standing one arm dumbbell triceps extensions
    – close grip barbell bench press
    – kick backs with dumbell

  3. ey i gotta question.. I'm noticing my body getting bigger ofcourse after almost 6 months of working out and I started noticing the difference in my shoulders.. it seems like the right shoulder is a bit bigger and rounder as it should be than my left shoulder.. and yeh I'm right handed but any ideas on how I can get the left shoulder as my right? any suggested work-outs that can improve the growth and faster results? thanks in advance

  4. @45383 there is no average mate just do what feels managable and gives you a good pump…being too focused on the weight ur lifting can lead to serious injuries that can last for years or need surgery. you're young and will be growing and getting stronger at a decent rate anyway so just concentrate on form and enjoying it. better to take it a bit easier now and be lifting for the rest of your life than to be going all out for a short period and have to take a load of time off. all the best

  5. hey there sir, can you possibly help me, i'm an alleged heavy weight lifter , even though i might be considered average, i dont use any supplements what so ever,,, can you possibly fill me in on ways to gain strength fast without supplements?

    i've been lifting for 3 years now, non stop, i have gained ALOTTTT , but i think a man in my size and weight , should be able to lift more

    im currently 30KG on biceps, 120KG maximum on pecs, 80KG on squats, 120 on middle back, 50 to 70 on shoulders

  6. @devil0slayer I'm not a big lifter but I'll tell you now you need more squats. Hell, I do 80 as a warmup and I'm literally lifting about half of what you are elsewhere.

    …oh man, I'm lifting about half of what you are elsewhere. Feels bad.

  7. @Croshawable i think that's mainly because i weigh 130k.g xD , and 80 is the most i could throw over my back cause i only do free weights. although i admit my legs are not that strong when it comes to running, i get lactic acid very fast and i can feel the burn right after 200 to 300 meters of sprinting.

    dont worry man, i swear i couldnt do 1 good pushup until 1 year ago, i found that forcing yourself to lift more weight with less reps, makes all the difference in the world of strength.

  8. @Croshawable trust me, hang in there you can lift more with time. plus there is the genetic factor, some of us are born big and strong, others born slim and fast, others born big fast and strong…etc

    important thing is… F*** genetics, you can change yourself into whatever you want to be, as long as you work hard for it.

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