He a painful and unstable AC joint that occurs from bench pressing, overhead weights and sports, and learn how to help it with correcting scapula movement and strengthening the shoulder blade and rotator cuff muscles.

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  1. It seems to me what nobody really wants to say is you rehab and nothing else for 6 months to a year until the entire shoulder is so strong it no longer occurs or you go in and have it rebuilt with surgery.
    If the ligament is overstretched or snapped you won't be okay in 1, 2 or even 3 months like so many online are claiming.

    It's more like 6 to 12 months of no other exercise, nothing but strict exercises to strengthen the muscles and hold the AC in place through stabilization and the problem is virtually solved.
    Who the hell can do that without letting their entire body go?!

    Unfortunately I think most people just need minor outpatient surgery which isn't very good for the bank account of doctor's and physical therapists so most of us are fucked until you find one that will cut you, suture you and let you return to your high intensity training 2 months later.

  2. how about this problem on both arms? what do u do when u hv bad trap pain on top of scapula? do these excercises however back pain is bad. feels like a torn trap.. plus I tore both pec tendons at the muscle tendon junction. I did a good job on it. Any advise

  3. Hello
    first of all thank you for how you explain everything
    i have this problem for over 2 years and i have try all exercise and therapy but i still have this problem and i'm so tired of this that doctor say AC of my shoulder some how its swelling and he say just do exercise but nothing is helping and im so tired, if you can help me some how please ?
    thank you again

  4. you are overemphasizing his right shoulder problems, mine has a nasty scapular winging because of a clavicle malunion snap lesion, but it's way more pronounced than that.
    it's also causing massive headaches.

  5. man my right ac is completely detached for about 8 yrs now, it can move around freely lol. I use to workout and it would kill me, especially benching, dips, and pull ups or if I sleep on it too long. other than that I have no problem with any ROM. but I do want it fix eventually.
    I want to join the navy and hope it wouldn't be a problem.

  6. any idea why my left AC joint (the bony bit that pops out near end of my shoulder) feels bruised/tender when pressed/rubbed and has done for 2 years?

    Started noticing slight twinge when taking my top off, mild discomfort when sleeping on that side with arm overhead, slight discomfort when pressing. Doing some thoracic mobility exercises and rolling a foam roller forward/backwards with my wrists helped the discomfort when pressing, but AC joint continues to be sore

  7. I have been living with this condition for 6 years now and it's starting to come back. This video helped a lot. Before I just did yoga, some rotator cuff exercises and massage therapy. But I haven't kept up and my therapist always mentioned my rhomboids were tight! Guys if your reading this yoga helps but you also have to train the muscles around it. Did this for almost two years straight and lived a normal life for a year. I have given up bench and other exercises though

  8. It sucks. I couldn't workout for six months. Now, the entire affected side (my dominant), is weaker than my left. And I can't get a good flex on anything on the right side of my body. Legs are fine. It's from the arm down to the core.

  9. Omg.. that's exactly the problem i have been dealing with after a grade 1 acromioclavicular luxation.
    And that other muscles compensation is so fucked in my right arm that the shoulder would go up without reason when I'm not aware, the muscles compensating are really tight.

    I solved my shoulder impingement, and now it's time to solve this scapular instability.
    I know what to do now, you are my savior dude, i love you (No homo).

  10. So this guy has a ac separation tear of ligaments or is weightlifters shoulders different like did he have surgery or did he choose to just let it heal naturally and thats why he has the bump?

  11. I had AC joint instability and some painful feelings from time to time and I decided to have an operation on my shoulder because I could not use my shoulder efficiently and I had too much scapula instability that it was bothering me all the time when I did any type of pulling or pushing exercises. Then it took me over 4 years to return to a proper range of motion and strengthen muscles sufficiently to reduce the imbalance in my delts. I also remember that my trapezoid was compensating for weakness in my delts. Hope this boy will strengthen his shoulder and recover soon.

  12. I destroyed my shoulder playing HS football (over 30 dislocations/separations) and had two unsuccessful surgeries. I was a fucking miserable one armed man for 6 years after my operations, so I saw approximately 9 different ortho surgeons who told me that I was fucked. I cant flex my pec, lat, posterior & lateral delt. My collar bone is visibly raised and protruding into my trachea. My arm has atrophied to half its original size, its in a perpetual "winging" position and my backpacks always slide off. The worst is when I reach across my chest – the top of my humerus looks like its gonna break through the skin, then there is a giant dent followed by tennis ball sized mass pushing against my collar bone (similar to the patient in this video but more severe).

    Do you think there is any way for me to restore my shoulder to even 50% of its original state? I feel somewhat discouraged about how well rehab would work considering the injury was 10 years ago and I had the surgeries 7 & 4 years ago..

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