1. @alexcolosimoo it's that… or you just say that because your afraid of the hell that you have to undergo to get in these peak conditions… you say were on roids to feel better about yourself. Typical.

  2. @alexcolosimoo HA! Of course you will say im mad. My guess is that your someone that will only troll people who work hard and you haven't seen any results because your too proud to sweat a little. Doyou even know what a steroid is? You will come across videos of people who have great physiques and say they are on roids just to feel better about yourself. Yes i am right. So tell me, what makes you think were on roids? 😉

  3. @arj3191 Dude, take the stupidity of people accusing you of steroids as a complement. They're so awestruck and jealous of how you and everyone else at WBFF looks, that he thinks the only way that you could obtain that physique is through steroids – Whereas you, and anyone else with half a brain knows that you achieved your results through hard work and dedication. Keep up the good work AJ!

  4. @alexcolosimoo Ha. You're not even worth the effort. Just another weakling who lashes out at ppl who you clearly look up to. Why are you searching for this in the first place? Oh yea, because thats as close as you will get to physique like ours. Say what u want little kid. I'm lovin the attention…

  5. @alexcolosimoo we lose that much body fat for presentation ONLY. Were arent like that year round. The state were in is actaully very unhealthy. Do some research hill billy…

  6. People who say guys like those are on roids are jealous cuz they know they can't get a physique compared to ours. All true! I get that a lot too. People like us busted out assess off to get where we're at. I know this guy through high school great guy and worked really hard to get where he's at!

  7. @Gorham1 Thanks Tom! And thanks for the support. ….Really tired of the ignorance, but I gotta ignore it! And the top is still far for me, but that doesnt mean it is not there! Once again thanks bro, I am definitely making plans to make it to KC!!!!

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