2019 IWF World Championships – Women 59kg Group A – Saturday, 21 September 2019 – Pattaya (THA)


  1. The judging feels inconsistent. 1:02:51 In her Jerk the elbow looks as bend as what probably was ruled as a press out when she finished the lift. If this get's punished, then sorry but Tian Tao would never get a good C&J, because he is always wipping the bar before the jerk.

    1:24:11 Look at her disgust as the coach kisses her.

  2. 有人知道为啥朝鲜举重这么强吗。没有歧视的意思,韩国和朝鲜人种一样朝鲜人口少那么多结果好像朝鲜举重比韩国还厉害一些。好像在很多级别朝鲜的表现都很不错

  3. Weight lifting competition events are one of those that poor countries have a chance to win.
    It's basically a sport where individual talent counts the most and can be started cheaply.
    When you look at Olympic the countries with low number of entry you've never heard of before almost always have one or two weight lifters.

  4. 36:30

    I think Taiwanese lifter made a mistake on choosing the weight.
    But who knows, she had it before so she was confident.

    Wow, she made the weight the second try.

    Gutsy performance!

  5. Very impressive competition. Only issue I have is if you state a certain weight for a lift, you shouldn't be able to attempt the lift with less of a weight as Kuo did in the clean and jerk…at the end…although the rules don't prohibit that.. Kuo is a terrific athlete

  6. Why does Hyo Sim of North Korea look so sad!? She won gold medal WORLD RECORD in the Snatch, Silver in the C&J and Silver overall. She had an amazing performance. I really hope North Korea isn't threatening their athletes or something like that.


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