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First Rain [NCS Release]


  1. First dish of kidney beans, peas and rice. I've checked the protein amounts of each cooked and you would need; 253g of kidney beans, 350g of rice and 87.5g of peas.

    second; 174g spinach, 350g rice and 253g of beans.

    Both your dishes did not look close to these quantities?

  2. Do you stir your beans while cooking? Do you add any water or oil? For some reason, your beans still look shiny and hydrated when you’re done cooking them. Mines look very dry with some type of white residue on them. They aren’t shiny at all like yours.

  3. I’d lose my mind eating that many beans lol. Although can’t say it’s much more fun eating a ton of chicken. Bodybuilding diets are a bitch. But atleast when your not a vegan you have more variety. Not hating I respect the lifestyle and the possible benefits. I also like the content

  4. thanks for the idea of kidney beans , can i make this kidney beans as my daily routine ? like a staple food ? are there any side effects if i take it regularly ? i used to take soy earlier but i stopped it because of low sex drive …

  5. Very helpful!!! You are awesome!! What I like most about this channel that recipies don't include processed foods like beyond meat patties and all unlike others who constantly endorsing 'em…. Keep up the good work!!

  6. I wish i could have discovered veganism and the gym when i was younger . Im 45 and i just started. 12 months and i lost 39 pounds and feel great. I don’t look like a model but im doing my best to look and feel fit n healthy

  7. But what about the fiber and carb …beans are one of the higest source of fiber…and every 100 gm of raw beans contain minimum 18 gm fiber….and if you eat that much fiber it will cause bloating and many gastric issues….and what about fat loss…not every one wants to bulk up his muscles…some people wants to shredd fat also….what about them…

  8. I am preparing your meals right now. It’s 11pm. I joined the gym today and from tonight onwards I am going to try a vegan based diet. Your videos have really helped and persuaded me. Thank you.

  9. Yum–but don't forget sweet (and red potatoes too)–yummy!!!! Put a big ole organic sweet potato (pierce with a fork) in the microwave unwrapped (just in it's skin) for 7 minutes and it comes out super soft. Split it open and dump in garlic powder, turmeric (great for keeping arteries flexible), a little salt, walnuts (great for artery and heart health) or anything you like–I cut them in half and eat them like a taco ….or cut/dice them up and add to bean dishes, even can add to a protein shake…..SOOOO YUMMMYYYY!!! And soooo healthy! And cheap!!! Love your channel.

  10. Bro, your video was supported by Chick-fil-a lol. Content creators really should have SOME input on these fucking ads, not only for the sake of the audience, but for the advertiser too. I'm 99% sure their money was wasted here.

  11. You should consider doing the following two things: Cook your own uncanned beans. Use whole grain rice not white. Both are better for your body. Recommended video: Dr. Klaper: Thriving on a whole foods plant based diet. Great video! Keep it up!

  12. Hi i am in love with your channel, it is great work!
    I really appreciate how it oriented towards being able to get the physique you desires plus eating healthy vegan.
    Great hacks that really help apart form ,any vegan who just live a normal vegan lifestyle.
    This motivates me a lot since shredding is something I had always wanted to achieve but found difficult on a vegan diet.

    I know this video is quite old but I find it very useful.
    I just have one question about it. What do you recommend I do, since in my country I don´t have the tomato seasoned beans? What seasoning do you recommend I add, or just plain tomatoes ?

  13. Guys, I did his weight loss 8 week transformation and it is the worst 77 Pounds I have ever spend.

    1. He took forever to reply to everything. I mean I bought this thing at the end of June and it took him 2 whole weeks to finish it.

    2. When he did finish it, it had nothing that I asked for. I asked him to have no plant based milks and meats and he included them anyways. In fact it looks like he just got tired of me constantly emailing him to finish the plans, and he just sent me a basic plan that he gives to everyone. Also he tried to up-sale me on a 16 weeks coaching program, and said that all the transformations on his page did 16 weeks and not 8. Which is misleading.

    3. I fought with him even more and asked for a refund and he told me who couldn't refund to me because "that's not how it works." I then went on to try to figure this refund thing out and he just wouldn't. Instead he told me that we should try again and I agreed. He offered me an extra two weeks of coaching.

    4. I expressed multiple times that I need accountability and plenty of help, and he didn't help me with any of that. He finally did make me a meal plan that suited my needs and workout that I actually had the ability to do. But he just disappeared. He didn't check in or anything. After doing this 8- week program for an entire week on my own I demanded a partial refund. He did give me a good meal plan and a good workout program. So I couldn't ask for all the money back, instead I just asked for the coaching part back.

    5. Now he isn't replying to me emails, and I have no way of getting to him and demanding that he returns my money. It is messed up and the only reason I am making these comments now is to warn everyone else. He is lazy, and honestly seems like is trying to make money more than actually help out his clients.

  14. Try soya chunks instead of beans onces. it's also cheap and has 52g of protein per 100g. I am also vegan but I do eat "paneer" beacuse it's super rich in protein and also paneer tikka masala tastes delicious. Love your videos


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