In this video, I talk about vegan bodybuilding macros and how much protein, carbs & fats I recommend my vegan online coaching clients.

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  1. I have been watching a lot of videos about keto recently and at first I was almost sold but the level of historical revisionism is unbearable. It really is a cult not a diet. Humans have consumed grains and carbs for thousands of years. and now suddenly all these supposed gurus are trying to make it seem like it is unnatural to eat pasta or rice. The people who usually praise keto for making them healthy are the ones who never ate healthy a day in their lives and then finally started eating some real food. Of course you're going to be healthier when you start eating anything other than McDonald's and cookies everyday.

  2. Jon, I'm a martial artist from Texas. I grew up totally surrounded by burger and steak restaurants. But, when I was 41 years old, I discovered your videos, and decided to go vegan. I want to let you know that you and your wife inspired me to make a major life change, and I have been Vegan for over 3 years now. Thank you for being you.

  3. Seems like fate that this came yesterday lol. Very encouraging video for someone like me just starting this transition. You along with a few other videos put all my fears to rest about struggling to get sufficient protein. Feel way less stressed about it now.

  4. Thank you very much for the insight. One question: When you say "gram", is it the same gram as in the metric system? I'm just confused cause you otherwise use lbs… Google didn't help much here, so I'm grateful for any clarification. 🙂

  5. Science states .7-1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight for muscle hypertrophy. Anything over that is wasted. But what ever Macro you get the “more” of that’s what your body uses as energy.

  6. I want to try a raw vegan diet. Is it OK to get the bulk of my calories from walnut milk? I want to blend fruits and vegetables too, but my issue is that I have to consume a lot of calories in a day to maintain my size (90kg).

  7. Thank you so much Jon.. I am vegan for 6 years and got back to lifting and so many stupid sources, even reliable ones say that we need to eat 1:1 proteins to weight in pounds and it is just too much proteins. The calculator showed me I need to eat 196 gr of proteins. Dudeeee where do I get that much amount of protein without exploding

  8. Yo I am trying this vegan diet but Is it safe to eat 200 grams of sugar. I am very active and most sugar is from fruits and I have like 70g fiber and need alot of food. I am not used to this

  9. Great video. But you mention percentages, but percentages of what? How do you calculate how many calories to have?
    For example a lot of people say maintenance level calories around 14-15x body weight in lbs, to lose fat then around 10-11x bw (or some day goal body weight) in lbs.
    What are your views on this?

  10. I’m trying to lose weight and have wondered how much of each macro I should eat. I’ve lost almost 40 lbs. I eat about 60, 20, 20 like you said. My calories are usually between 1800-2100. Other women dieting always tell me I’m eating too much, even though I’m losing. They are usually eating 1200-1400, which is too restrictive I believe. I’d rather eat like I am and lose slower than restrict myself. Thank you! I’m not a body builder, but I think these percentages are good for those of us wanting to lose too.


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