WorkoutUltraset #1 – 4 ultrasets, 10 reps each set Set 1: Laying French Press Set 2: Underhand Laying French Press Set 3: Ez-bar Curls Set 4: Hammer-grip Barbell CurlsUltraset #2 – 4 ultrasets, 10 reps Set 1: Rope Pushdown Set 2: Overhead Rope Extension Set 3: Rope Skullcrushers Set 4: Cable Curls Set 5: Rope Hammer CurlsSuperset: One-arm Preacher Machine Curls + Tricep Machine Dips4 supersets – 10 reps eachTrio superset: Abductor Machine + Wide-stance Dumbbell Squats + Wide-stance Smith Machine Squats4 supersets – 10 reps each”We always use the basic principles from the Golden Era of bodybuilding to craft a physique like the ones from the old days. Those were art, and that should be brought back. Creating a classic physique is the goal and at VintageGenetics we’re all about bringing forth yet again worthy physiques reminisent of the 70’s and 80’s.”Join us!Facebook and Fashion: | Supplementation and ClothingScitec Nutrition | Get your Scitec Nutrition supplements at


  1. Bro when I was going to the gym 2 years ago, I found your channel and I started following your workout routines, identically. I noticed I started to grow like crazy right after doing the same workouts as you. Now 2 years later, I started going to the gym again and I rememberd about your channel and your workouts and I came back to search for the videos and start doing your workouts again. Just wanted to say thank you!!! Keep it up!


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