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  1. Vegeta and whis training, what kakarot missed out on while he was on earth – we all know whis helped vegeta more, he about to unlock the next level not even goku UI will know the power!!

  2. I feel like compared to other olympic lifters the speed you get under the bar with is kind of slow. That's why it might be difficult for you right now. You might also want to work on shoulder flexibility and strength to hold the weight in a more comfortable way and so much forward.

  3. Keeep at it olyweightlifting is a long hard grind but u will get there if u stick to it and mobilty in shoulders and hips legs ankles helps so much so u gotta stretch often if u dont got the mobilty

  4. This is what I'm talking about brother, perfect progression for the snatch and power clean in this episode and form coming along nicely! The mental portion is the toughest part when the weight is light. You really have to rely on how efficient your neuromuscular system is! Keep it up.

  5. I’m very into weightlifting and glad you’ve made the change. This is one of two channels with quality weightlifting content aside from ATG and hookgrip. Keep up the hard work! Ignore some of these people in the comments, just do you!

  6. Bro, I love how you're not afraid to do these Olympic lifts and actually branch out of bodybuilding style lifting. Most youtubers would be afraid to do this because of the backlash. Keep it up! I'm watching 'till you can get it soon! love your content!

  7. I think him doing oly lifting helps prove he is clean. Because if he wasn't, he would be able to literally obliterate the Olympic standard where now he is having to train to reach the Olympics. Just a thought I had. I always believed he was clean, it just seems really evident now

  8. yoo terron bro the main problem with your form is your weak posterior chain work on your glutes, abs, hip flexer and hamstrings bro guarantee u will start to find the Olympic lifts easier

  9. It’s honestly not that hard, but I think I know why he’s having trouble with it is because he is so strong that he is trying to power clean it instead of squat clean it. There’s no reason for him to squat clean it because it’s so light that he can power clean it, but when it gets heavier he has to squat clean it because he can’t bring it all the way up. And that’s why he can’t clean 405 because he keeps trying to power clean it when he should squat clean it, it would be much easier. I have a video of me squat cleaning on my channel

  10. Terron! I challenge you! I want to compete against you at a weightlifting meet. Bring coach Novak, bring your squad and your youtube channel! I want to see how I match up against you in a competition setting.

    Message me and we can work out the details


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