Here’s a flick through of a full day of training at the 2019 Weightlifting World Championships.

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  1. I see Meso coming off his heels with 160, 180, 200 and then 220kg on his back. Also with his knees extremely far forward (i know they're supposed to go over the toes but i think i heard there's a limit). Just shows you don't need to worry about technique lol jk

  2. Didn't Tian Tao clean and jerk 230 during the world champs, and not 231 as was mentioned? Tian Tao set the world record on a different comp, also Moradi was the holder of that previous 230 clean and jerk world record.

  3. Why is meso coming off his heels so much on back squat. I have this problem a lot and just wondering if there is a reason or tip to work on besides just keeping weight over mid foot


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