This super-quick total-body workout combines dynamic resistance, time under tension, and high-intensity intervals to give you a great pump you can do anywhere in under 20 minutes.
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When you go into the gym and you’re lifting weights, your heart rate goes up while you lift, but then you take a long period of rest and your heart rate comes back down. When you do high-intensity interval training, or HIIT, your heart rate goes up and stays up because you’re getting very little rest.

You’ve done resistance training before, you’ve done HIIT before, and you’ve probably even used bands before, but never like this.

Undersun creator James Grage and fitness model David Morin are here to lead you through one of the toughest HIIT workouts you’ve never tried. This workout is anaerobic resistance training, but done for long intervals with very short periods of rest, just like HIIT.

“We’re taking resistance training and we’re making it HIIT training,” explains Grage. “So you’re getting the best of both worlds.”

| Why Bands, You Ask? |
Bands offer the unique advantage of being portable, versatile, and dynamic. You can easily transition between exercises to get a killer, full-body workout anytime, anywhere, in a very short amount of time. But aside from their convenience, the dynamic resistance of bands is uniquely excellent at pumping blood into your muscles while you train, making bands the perfect tool for building muscle.

“The free motion of the bands is very different,” explains Morin. “You get in, you break a sweat, and you get a good pump. That’s what I enjoy most about it.”

You’ll definitely get a massive pump with this workout, especially with the way the sets are structured. Each exercise is done for 60 seconds with only 30 seconds of rest in between. Since the rest periods are very short, this workout gets intense fast. You’ll have just enough time to catch your breath and grab a sip of water. Just don’t go too far, because that next exercise will come faster than you think!

| 20-Minute Resistance Band HIIT Workout |
Circuit: 30 sec. of rest between exercises.

Band split squat: 1 set of 1 min. (right side)
Band split squat: 1 set of 1 min. (left side)
Band biceps curl: 1 set of 1 min.
Band squat: 1 set of 1 min.
Band shoulder press: 1 set of 1 min.
Squat hold with band pull-apart: 1 set of 1 min.
Band push-up: 1 set of 1 min.
Archer pull: 1 set of 1 min. (right side)
Archer pull: 1 set of 1 min. l(eft side)
Band overhead triceps extension: 1 set of 1 min.
Crunch: 1 set of 1 min.


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  1. Loving my Undersun Resistance Bands and James’ 90 day workout plan. Skinny me is starting to build some muscles. I’m going to have to do this HIIT workout one of these days soon. Looks like a killer. Thanks James.

  2. Incredible quick workout! Very manageable if you're new to band or even body weight exercise. I would recommend this to anyone new …. and challenge the more experienced to try this with the thickest bands. You will get a great little workout. And if you still have energy … repeat this program two more times!

  3. Just ordered a few days ago. This workout does look intimidating but I am going to start off easy and work my way up. Glad I will save at least 50 bucks a month in gym fees!

  4. Really like these Grage videos where the super-fit guys are really working hard and straining to finish and they're pretty much wasted at the end and they still keep going! THAT is an inspiration! Too many times you see the guys doing 100 push-ups and popping up and not even breathing hard. WTH! The exercises are great but I especially love to watch Grage repeatedly having to really suck it up to finish! That's the lesson here!

  5. Good workout James, thanks ! You are looking strong ! Much fitter than you looked years ago in your movies Buffy the vampire Slayer, and dazed and confused.

  6. Great videos. I really enjoy learning about the ways to workout every muscle group with resistance bands. Because of your videos, I've been more active during the pandemic than before. Thanks and keep em coming!

  7. Does anyone else notice how half-heartedly David is performing the workouts whilst the host is going full throttle whilst talking as well?

    David doesn't get as low or go as hard with resistance he barely gets his heart rate up compared to James.

  8. Yeah so I dont feel so bad for taking a little extra rests in between. My goal now is to do this with the proper rest time to keep my heart rate up…. I almost passed out jfc 3 months no gym makes u weak

  9. Thank you for the videos. I was going to look on amazon for something to workout with (I don't workout), but you guys make this look like a real workout and not a gimicky waste of time and money. I'm buying a set when I get paid. I'll even get bold and video the unboxing and what I look like to start this. You've motivated me.

    Thanks again


  10. The "Fitness Model' is not doing full ROM exercises here. Example: biceps curl. Example: push-ups. In the latter case, it would be better if he removed the band and did full push-ups, chest to floor. No point adding a band if you are only doing partials!

    Fitness Model is also chatting about burning a lot of calories… that's doubtful in 19 minutes of effort with resistance bands.

    Let James do the commentary!


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