I know… Tom Platz has already been featured in a lot of videos and even I had already created two motivational videos focused on him only. But you know what? Beside the fact that Platz has been one of the few bodybuilders that inspired me to start with this sport several years ago, it just happened that I stumbled upon probably the greatest interview with him, I have ever seen. What was going wrong in my personal life at the moment, didn’t matter anymore. It was a moment of pure inspiration & motivation just listening to Tom’s words, so I am going to link all the interview videos from this great channel called DAVEMADMAX6 right here! If you ever need some motivation or inspiration… or you’re already a fan of Platz… please let me tell you from student to student that these videos are totally worth watching. I am thankful that I stumbled upon such a great interview and I just featured a little bit of it, so you really have to check the whole videos.
PART I : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-1EG-FaNt8o
PART II: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qmbU4YNVEsQ
PART III: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5NVygWgFZu0

Actually… you really have to check thw hole channel from DAVEMADMAX6 – the content is amazing!!!

FURTHER CREDITS go straight to TOM PLATZ himself.
Featured footage from the movies ‘BICEPS BUSINESS’ & ‘THE COMEBACK’

You’ll also find some pretty cool & intense videos on this channel :

MUSIC by RoughNX
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Channel : https://www.youtube.com/roughnxmusic

1. Song: The Flood

2. Song: Let Go (Ambient Suite)

You can check out RoughNX music here on youtube and at https://www.roughnx.com
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  1. this video brought tears out of me , especially when he said " when you see a singer singing her heart and soul out , that is artistic and thats body building !" the moment i heard that tears of joy came out of my eye , he is a legend and his legend will live on

  2. You, Sir, surely have made the best video of Tom Platz on Youtube! Very emotional, thank you for this! Mr. Platz will always be one of my most favorite athletes and personalities in the whole sports industry!

  3. Tom Platz he have a strong amazing crazy positive mentality and not fear to try pain,and i think that this mentality is a nature gift,no many people have this lucky gift,and with strong mentality he can wil be a Champion in any sector on life,sport or accademy..if he has passion to Box or Baseball or Football or Study Medicine or play Rugby,Soccer, Basket,Athletic,Driver… !!!

  4. Thankyou is al i wanted to say , i suffer from depression and anxity every morning when i wake up i dont wanna get up to do anything I just wanna stay in bed and do nothing all day so for me its a struggle to go outside and go to the gym , today i was very depressed and didnt wanna go to the gym at all so i sat and watched YouTube all day long until i watched this video man i just took a shower and im ready to fxcking destroy my legs!

  5. I love the line "I wasn't even competition with any one else, I was trying to be that guy tom platz. Whatever he did I could do better" I love beating myself. As much as I look at other people in the gym, girl or boy, and compare myself to them, I'm ultimately challenging myself. More weight, more reps, better physique. A better me

  6. These guys had it all. They had that tiny waist, wide shoulders, thick quads. More importantly, THEY COULD POSE! They did vacuums and held their abs tight. The mass monsters of today don’t do any of the things Platz and others did when they competed. Mass monsters get winded easily.

    Read the whole statement, check it out right here: https://www.patreon.com/alwaysmassive
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