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In this three part course at Scooby-U, I will show you how to achieve not only your fitness, health, and physique goals but to achieve your life goals as well! This is the first course offering at Scooby-U, please join in and help make it a success. The textbook for the class is “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” and it is required reading for the first class. Here is the class syllabus:

17 September 2012: Introduction — Time Management
24 September 2012: My Goals, Your Goals — How To Set Goals
1 October 2012: Motivation and Action Plans — make your dream happen, one day at a time


  1. I only watch one hour tv a day (while eating), except on weekends, only go to fb to check if I have events coming up that week and only sleep 7 hours a day. I can do regular exercice but I dont have time for cardio, practices (judo) and muscle building every single day :

  2. if you need some help, i'm in the marine corp, spent a contract with the army as infantry, now marine corp infantry. Most military branches concentrate on pushups, sit-ups, and running. I would suggest doing 50% of your time running, sign up for a half marathon it will keep you motivated, the other 50% should be pushups, sit-ups, pull-ups, and miscellaneous. after being prepared with those you will be a fucking beast! best of luck brother!

  3. i was slogging religiously in my workplace.. i pull a minimum 12 hours per day at office excluding 3 hours that go into commutation.. this video was my eye opener.. these words "if you dont have goals, others will gladly determine it for you" was churning in my ears every time i wanted to work "extra" for stupid ratings and boss' appreciations that dont add any value to my life.. this is a 22 yr old woman, thanks a ton for putting such thoughts in my head at this young age.. much love !!

  4. exactly my sentiments.. i too commute for 3.5 hours a day and hardly left with anytime to exercise.. i think if your work does not allow you to workout n keep fit, it would be worth switching your workplace or even your career… 'if you don't have goals others will determine it for you'.. in our quest for sugar we are forgetting to taste the real honey.. live well :))

  5. For those who don't know, there's plenty of cardio You can do at home with no equipment in front of the tv! i do all my cardio in front of a tv and i have an 8 pack [although i'm not as muscular as this guy]

  6. im gonna tell u guys whats'' 'The 7 habits of highly effective people'' in a few words instead of reading 340 pages n spend money on it…. the book tells u to quit all the fun in life like watching tv,going out with ur bf/gf or friends,quit video games time, quit ur family time and in essence just be selfish n care only bout urself n quit all form of human relationship and fun in life.. thats what its about..but its just an advice cuz at the end of the day u can u watever the fukk u wanna doooo

  7. Great advice! It's not about sacrificing fun, it's about sorting out your priorities and making it work. This includes everything from work, school, financial stuff to family, friends, loved ones to fitness, health, and hobbies. Putting down your roles & goals in life on paper (or on the computer) really clarifies things. Example: I lost 45lbs while earning a post-grad degree, saving money, making friends, getting in shape, and meeting my awesome girlfriend. Try it, it doesn't suck.

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  10. Scooby, I've been watching and using your tips for years. I have to say, you're very inspiring. Thanks for all you've done for the industry, and for all this great advice. 🙂

  11. Well, I'm a little late to the game, Scooby, but I just dug the recommended book out (bought it years ago but never read it) and will now read it and check out your listed webpage before proceeding on to lesson 2


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