“At that moment, you have the conviction that you contain all the power in the world, that you have wings.”




  1. Funny thing is I'm a ring gymnast (have literally never tried to snatch or C&J), but I absolutely love your content man, you're really making me appreciate and understand what a complex sport olympic weighlifting is.

  2. Being a Hungarian I was happy to hear your reference to Csíkszentmihályi. Flow is key to optimal work performance, too. (To happiness in general, one could argue. :)) Great content.

  3. As a weightlifter – I enjoy your content very much, I love watching it, it gets me highly motivated and you're capable of putting into words the sport I'm dedicating most of my hours a week to just in the greatest way
    Thank you please continue <3

  4. Thanks for this, Zack. Ironically, I think this is about to be the video that I will religiously watch right after Hookgrip and ATG vids and right before leaving for the gym.

  5. Worrying has never, ever helped with anxiety. It has only done the exact opposite. I don't know why this is suggested. The darkest moments in my life are caused by "worry times".

  6. Hey buddy, this will probably get drowned in the sea of comments. I just wondered if anyone had every mentioned that you have such perfect proportions and levers for Rowing that it’s borderline comical. Height, arm length, femur ratio – it’s like you were designed with rowing in mind. I know weightlifting is your passion but I’m sure you could pull some murderous splits on an ergometer.

  7. Hey Zach, great video! Could you please make a review talking about your results with the Russian Squat Program? I was hoping you could because of the previous video you did stating you were going to use it. Thanks!!

  8. My best days at the gym are not when I relentlessly PR, form is perfect (ha!). It's when getting into that flow state comes easily.

    My worst days at the gym are not when lifts eluded me, form was breaking down or fatigue and soreness gripped me. It was when urgent thoughts of my outside life were intruding it away I couldn't beat back.

    Still, joking around with people is one of the high points of going compared to some anonymous big box gym.

  9. Alright bud, I have got a query for you. I really enjoy squatting, I want it to replicate that of an Olympic weightlifter (style wise of course). Therefore I try to squat as deep as I can, and for around a month I’ve been trying to increase the flexibility to allow for a deeper squat that feels comfortable, but sadly have not made any results yet. So my question for you is, how often should I be stretching and how long for roughly before training? Also how long do you believe it takes for an increase in ROM for the average lifter?

  10. So true, I feel like a 2hr session can easily go up to 3hrs just from hanging with ppl.

    Personally to maintain that euphoric focus, I prefer goin to the gym early in the morning. Mind feels clearer and there's no curl bro in the squat rack

  11. Zack! Hi! I just wanted to say thanks for all of the high quality content you are putting out! I recently started lifting and i attribute alot of my progress to the information you are sharing. Thank you for what you are doing and growing the weightlifting community!


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