TIME TABLE02: 51 – Comparing pictures WITHOUT and WITH rebound06: 09 – When to use a rebound07: 29 – My personal rebound09: 11 – The rules to follow for a proper rebound-Rule #1 – You have to have dieted for at least a consistent 16 weeks, low carbs and high protein-Rule #2 – After this diet, increase your carbohydrates with a factor of about 1.5-1.75 -Rule #3 – If the fat in your diet was high, lower it a little bit, at least keep it around 1 gram for every kg of bodyweight-Rule #4 – Change your protein to about 1.75-2 grams for every kg of bodyweight-Rule #5 – Increase your calories with about 10%-15% in total*Rule #6 – Don’t change up your food sources! Classic & Personalized Workout and Nutrition Plans? Contact me: Wesleyvissers@hotmail.comFacebookhttps://www.facebook.com/Wesley-Vissers-Junior-Athlete-763852680293064/?ref=bookmarksInstagram@GymtimeWesSponsorBody and Fashion: http://bodyandfashion.nl/ | Supplementation and ClothingScitec Nutrition | Get your Scitec Nutrition supplements at http://bodyandfashionstore.nl/MusicTheEnigmaTNGhttps://www.youtube.com/user/TheEnigmaTNG



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