If you want to compete on stage as a bodybuilder, you must learn the mandatory bodybuilding poses. Listen and learn as Natural Champion John Hansen coaches MASSIVE Aaron Reed through all the mandatory poses at Downtown Tampa Powerhouse Gym.

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  1. Bleh! I lost interest after you allowed him to wrap is hands around his wrist in the side chest pose. Small wrist add dimension to the upper arm. There's a better way

  2. Your boy is seriously lacking in the lats department. Throws off his entire physique, everything else is on point but without that width he looks lanky

  3. Good video doing my first show in june my weak areas are my calfs back and biceps but they still look great just making them more even a lot of people on here hating yet there profile pics are blank its funny

  4. The comments are toxic …. The fucking industry needs us to support one another. People are so negative. I guarantee half of you comments would kill to have his physique.

  5. Just finished my first month of training. I was overweight, and lost 30 lbs in first month. Thanks for the video. I have a trainer / mentor, but any and all info is appreciated.

  6. Hello sir I'm asking bodybuilder competition Judges how he will judge points table or scorecard, eg: legs 30marks, abs 30marks like that per part marks I'm asking please can u tell mark list sir, thank you


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