1:13 – Acne 101
2:55 – Exercise and Testosterone
6:13 – Dietary Factors
14:37 – Sweat & Hygiene
18:24 – Summary

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  1. Great video Igor, but btw you definitely don't want acne on your back over your face. At least with your face you can avoid touching it or sleeping on it, but your back is pretty much 100% of the time in contact with something (shirt,chair, bed etc) and it's rather annoying.
    I completely agree about the headphones touching your face causing acne since my headset does pretty much the same.
    Also, not sure why but I recall that every time I would get sunburned and my skin would peel off my (usually the back) it would be SUPER clear for months after that…maybe there's something with peeling that helps, have you ever used Benzoyl Peroxide products ? if so, did they help ?

  2. It's weird because I didn't have much acne in my teens . I was pretty fortunate. However, my late 20s I upped my physical activity (more lifting and running) and reduced caloric intake to lose weight and get healthier. I started breaking out a lot in that first year and I saw the Doc and he prescribed doxycycline. Helped but not completely. Im 31 now and still breaking out . Mostly on my chin though. It's weird. Not nearly as bad as it was but noticble at times.I guess it wasn't quite linked to my working out. I assumed it might have been hormonal change. It's just frustrating.

  3. Most acne problems are from dairy. Cut out the cows milk and cheese and other COW milk products then your face should clear up within 6 months top. no matter how severe. You’ll thank me in 6 months. Peace.

  4. Ya I switched to pea protein from “my protein”. Tastes like ass and doesn’t
    Mix well but it helps with acne. Lucky it only hits the back of my scalp but dropping the whey definitely helps. Good video.

  5. Igor I feel like sweat can cause acne because when I exercise and don’t take a shower the same day, I get acne on my back because that is where I sweat the most. When I shower right after sweating I never get acne and I’ve tried this test multiple times and it always happens.

  6. One of the greatest battles in my life is bulking up enough so that I get big but not big enough so that I start breaking out. Anytime I try to put on any sort of mass, I get the biggest cysts on my face

    But then again its because I start eating shit food and using protein shakes/eating more dairy. All of which contribute to acne

    Also, if you cared enough to read this long. Look into Brian Turners account. He has great videos on acne and bodybuilding. A huge part of it is being vegan but there are other tips that are helpful as well.

  7. From my experience, whey has impact on my acne, i don't know if its because lactose or because it is a high glycemix index but it has impact. Bodybuilding cause inflammation too.

  8. Yeah man, I felt it really close when you started talking about touching your face and etc. To all the people suffering from acne, just remember that you can only do so much.Yes, it will still bother you, but keep in mind that your life doesn’t revolve around your weaknesses.

  9. I have a light lactose intolerance and clearly noticed that when using regular whey protein I have a clear spike in my acne. Using isolate or hydrolized protein definitely helps. Adding more lactose rich foods also obviously affect this negatively. Also noticed that having high oil spicy foods also resulted in more acne the following days.

  10. everything you say maps perfectly onto inflammation. milk triggers lots of inflammation, parmesan does it much less. carbs cause inflammation, ketones are anti-inflammatory. sugar is much worse than fruits when it comes to inflammation. ice showers reduce inflammation and acne.
    try going super low inflammation for a month and tell us how better your acne gets! you may also want to go keto.

  11. Hey Igor, would love for you to do such a video regarding HEIGHT…
    I know it's mainly genetics, but if you have additional info, it would be an awesome useful video for many!

  12. you don't want to have it on your back though. The majority of my acne is on my back and chest and not my face but on my back it's pretty bad and it is pretty much the only thing I am not confident about on my body. It goes to the extent that I really don't go to any kind of a pool or stuff and that also sucks. Not saying that I want that shit on my face andd I do feel like on the face is worse but it's also complete shit on your back.

  13. Face acne, mostly clear now. Still have acne on my upper body, might not be what everyone sees first, but it still sucks and can make you uncomfortable being shirtless or even wearing a t-shirt if it show on their arms

  14. My face is always oily especially when I wake up, and my pillow cover is usually soaking all of my excess skin oil on a nightly basis which becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. From what I read bacteria eats the oils that our skin produces and when the bacteria builds up our immune system sends whitecells to clear the bacteria. I noticed that I'm always getting acne on the side of my face where I lay my head on (side sleeper),  but then it gradually lessen and even clears when I frequently change my pillow covers on a weekly basis also wearing a bikers mask before going to bed which I change on a daily basis. The results clearly show in the first week of doing this as you will notice that when you wake up your skin is not oily and it feels tight, the only downside is you look like a robber in your own house.
    The only time that I only get acne is when I eat sweets from outside my normal diet or my headset rubs my jaw line during extended use, but aside from that it's not as severe as before when my face was constantly rubbing on my pillow.

  15. Hey Igor,
    I've been with you since the very beginning years ago and I still enjoy your content! More power to you man!
    I also have a question though, maybe a subject for an informative video: Have you ever looked into fasting? You're doing intermittent fasting yourself but I mean fasting for a day to fasting for several days. There is science claiming several benefits to fasting and I'd be interested in your view on the subject.
    Greetings from Germany,

  16. I had acne bad during puberty and it came to an end into adult life. Then it suddenly came back, and I couldn't figure out the problem. Took years and I narrowed down the culprit. Energy drinks, which mind you, I was drinking maybe 5 to 7 a day cuz I'm an idiot. I'm assuming it was the massive dosing of B-12. Not sure if you're an energy drink fan, but when I cut them out I clear right up. That will usually last until I start working some screwed up shifts and go right back like a fiend.

  17. For me it was always that low glycemic carbs cleared my skin from acne but also lowered my sex drive (probably cause it lowers testosterone levels) while fruits with normal or higher glycemic index caused me more severe acne and also a more of them while my sex drive also skyrocket (testosterone again higher). I avoid classic table sugar and sweets 95% of the time, so it must've get worse from fruit consumption.

  18. Hey Igor, love these types of videos. One thing I actually noticed from having acne all these years is that it actually moved places as I grew older and matured, first i started getting it around my mouth (like that goatee area), then on my temples and cheeks and now on my forehead and traps/shoulders area, fortunately I don't have it on my lower third of the face anymore, but I still have the scars…

  19. Hasn't these correlations long been debunked as not important factors, but that the biggest reasons you have acne is acne producing bacteria in your skin, which is very hard to change, but is influenced somewhat by lifestyle? Maybe if there was a way to change your bacteria flora on a consistent basis, you could get rid of acne?

  20. When i was a teen i had all my acne on my face, but for some reason, now that i'm hitting 30, like 90% of it moved to my upper back and shoulders and they look way worse than my face ever did.
    One "good" thing of having it on your face is that it is out there, everyone knows it . When you have it hidden, like the back or shoulders, you want it to stay hidden, which creates certain problems if you had to take your shirt off.

    Thanks for the science based info Igor, as always great content. I had my suspicions on the sugar front, when i eat a bit too much chocolate, the next day i get a lot of acne, it could be a coincidence

  21. I've been having scalp acne for the past 10 years and it is simply a nightmare (sometimes situation is so bad, touching bed pillows hurts). Simplest things seem so frustrating, e.x getting a haircut. I can indeed validate that high protein diet or working out do not contribute into acne, as I've been having it since high school. What i have noticed is that extremely hot showers might trigger it more frequently as well as some food combinations (black coffee + milk for me). Furthermore, hydration and stress play a MAJOR role. Finally, as explained avoid touching or popping as they make matters worse, i had a bad habit of touching my neck while working and i noticed it recently (actually removing that habit, seems to make symptoms more mild). I did not have any issues with high glycemic index carbs.

  22. Like so often these days, the science is wrong where sweat is concerned. If I don't shower shortly after working out, I will breakout. Period.

  23. The diet part is so true. I ended up going on accutane for my acne but I'm quite upset I did as I always knew I could cut out dairy and eat healthier and it would go away but I was too obsessed with bulking up for that to be an option.

  24. I never get acne, but if I take so much as a sip of milk or any other dairy product I’ll get it within the week. Not lactose intolerant in any other way.

  25. I really needed this video. I recently started drinking protein shakes and my acne has got a lot worse and I was wondering if there is a link. I am going to stop as well as cutting down on my sugar to see what happens. Thank you for the very helpful analysis through all of the points.

  26. As a 23yo female who has struggled with back acne my entire life, what I found makes the greatest difference is actually simply rinsing out my shampoo and conditioner COMPLETELY before washing my back and shoulders. In addition, I wash my shoulders and back with unscented Ivory soap plus some of my foaming salicylic acne face wash. Little things you don’t often think of, but they make a huge difference.


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