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  1. the kidneys and liver are some of the most important organs. without them, ur Fin_g done.

    but even if it still works but the function use declined, ur F_ed. constant pains, have 2 use a mahcine to filter ur blood. u Fin_g kiddin me.

  2. This man is a database of fitness knowledge. The more customers he gets the more his database extends. He uses all quantitative and qualitative info/results to coach even better. At this point he probably knows enough to coach 95% of all people.

    Greg, before you die. Please release all the info you have. I know its somewhere there, we love u.

  3. Yo Greg , great advice for the young kids . Stay away from that shit, train natural as long as you can , those gains will stay with you way longer.
    If you hit a plateau and your body has reached its max potential re-evaluate your next step ( with caution and medical advice)

  4. Listen to him guys , Tren ruined my life .I took at 21 along with test prop for my cycle .Biggest mistake of my life ,it shut down my natural testosterone and sex drive forever and I have to be at TRT because of it ,I’m now 31.Stay the fuck away from Tren and any steroids .Train naturally you will be happier and feel better.

  5. GREG please do some research about Jeff SIED he's been training since he was 13 and done a lot of sports growing up like you, personally I don't think he's natural but be good to hear your view

  6. Do a vid or Q&A on what changes should u make to your calorie intake for the next day or next few days after a small 300- 600 cal cheat and a large 1,000 calorie cheat Or if u should even make a change or do more cardio but what if the person is already doin 30- 60 min of cardio probably 7 days a week

  7. Tren in big enough doses causes alzheimer. Find the video of More Plates More Dates on this.
    Still interested myself, but will probably just run the minimum effective quantity which seems to be around 200mg per week


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