If you have a passion for movement and strength then embrace the roots of physical culture. Here’s the story of the beginnings of the sport of weightlifting. Special thanks to the Todds at the Stark Center for Physical Culture, and to all the folks interviewed for this project. The strength community is a giving place!


  1. I'm a one man show here, so doing these films takes a lot of time and effort. I do plan on making many more of these, a series in fact, but time, money and resources are currently not on my side. But worry not, there will be more. This history needs to have the story told.

  2. Amazing how things have come full circle. The gyms of old, then the institutional facilities like Gold's and World's and now the open, free style cross fit place.
    Nice job, very cool!

  3. for the 1904 olympic dumbbell contest, there are weights recorded. Search for the Spalding Report for the 1904 Olympic games to find them. Fred Winters curled 100 pounds with one arm!

  4. 1904 Olympics
    Day 1 
    1. Lowering a pair of DB's from OH to straight out in front 
    2. One arm curl 
    3  One arm snatch from ground 
    4. One arm Jerk from shoulder 
    5. Two hand DB Strict press 
    Day 2
    6. Two DB Curl 
    7. DB Clean from ground 
    8. One arm press 
    9. Two hand DB Jerk from shoulders 
    10.  Optional for Extra points 

    For those who would happen to give a lift 😉 
    Coach Sanity 

  5. i know a lot of people who are great at snatch clean jerk whatever whatever and they'll be the first people to tell you they could barely dribble a basketball and could never hit a baseball. what the guy should have said is that the snatch clean and jerk deadlift squat are a good base to start then do sport specific shit if your a athlete. they're great moves but don't get ahead of yourself if you can't catch a football clean and jerk aint gonna help

  6. Ancient Greeks were heavily into bodybuilding. travel to Athens, look at the ancient statues in the ancient gymnasium, then tell me today is “so much more advanced”. Yer fulla shit

  7. just eat 500 calories over your maintenance metabolic rate eat 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight you weight and spread it out every 4 hours because your body can only absorb 30 to 40 grams at a time don't take longer than 2 minutes in between sets and lift weight that's so heavy you can only do it 10 times and constantly check you self to see if you can do it more than 10 like 15 reps and then go up like 5 or 10 pounds or so also get 8 hours of sleep… done… get housed.


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