When you travel to The Mecca of Bodybuilding, Gold’s Gym Venice, there’s no doubt you’ll rub elbows with some myths and legends. Charles Glass is one of the long term greats of the bodybuilding world and drops some legit knowledge as he tells Mark about his past and his experiences.

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  1. Wow! I started off the video at 1.5 speed thinking that it will be mostly useless. But here I am commenting about the usefulness of this video because I had to pause the video at normal speed and go back at times to gain the insight that Mr. Glass had to offer. Also a special thanks to Mr. Bell for asking relevant questions.

  2. I do not know him personally but, from what I see in all the videos he appears in, Chrales Glass must be not only a great coach but also an excellent human being, always willing to offer others his knowledge and experience.

  3. Well if anyone says there aint no love anymore in this world, just listen to Mr. Glass. He is so profoundly in love with bodybuilding, just listening to him gives me the good vibes plus lots of worldclass advices and techniques. Love frm Nepal.


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