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  1. I'm impressed with his liberal use of products like uncle bens. I'm usually in concern with the harsh chemicals they used as preservatives entering my system but aesthetically you look fine. Interesting.

  2. Oh how i hate meal prepping! I just meal prepped for this week for the first time ever and didnt like a single meal!! And those I liked a little were too small of a portion and left me still hungry. I feel like my eating habits only got worse after I meal prepped! It’s hard when ure trying to make meals that fit ur cal and macros but still make them delicious!

  3. ive trolled through hundreds of these meal prep videos and this is by far the best and clearest…proper balance of everything and easy to do plus looks pretty tasty. thanks a lot for this just got a new sub man good luck in your future.

  4. Don’t know if you’ll see this new comment on an old vid, but awesome stuff. I was looking for a way to figure out about what I should be eating macro wise daily. Gave me a good ballpark to aim for thnx.

  5. Nicely done. I truly appreciate you thinking about those folks like me that need something quick. I am currently at 26% body fat 5feet 118 at 37 years old. Work out 5 times a week but want to get down to 20%. What Marcos should I follow…i am thinking a good calorie range would be 1300-1500 calories…any advice?

  6. I'm a 25y/o.M 5'10/11" on a good day. 125-35 been dropping weight recently. Ive always been Slenderr. Low appetite work 60-65 hrs a week. Been as low as 116. recently. Any suggestions for maintaining/gaining weight? No die to speak of just a starve myself and feast cycle

  7. Hey RJ, do you you think this will be a good meal plan for me if I'm 5'10 162 lbs and trying to do a lean bulk? Or would this be considered a cut?

  8. Im 6 foot and 264 pound. Alot of fat and muscle. Should I up the calories if I wanna loose weight ? 2000 calories may be harsh. I don`t know since Im a beginner in training and eating.

  9. Thank you very much for your advice. It will cut my cooking time by 2/3s and I will actually have time to get good satisfying food in my belly within the little breaks I have to eat.

  10. The video was great. Me personally, I don't mind the time it takes to meal prep for a week, I see it as time well spent on building a healthy body & lifestyle. We will waste time on the tv, smartphones, laying around the house, outside or whatever, the hour or hour & half it takes to cook a well balanced meal for the week can be done. A small sacrifice for a better life. I squeeze mine in after writing down what I want on a Sunday, planning & shopping on a Saturday. It is so worth it. But to each his own. You got me started on meal prep & I look forward to it. I weighed my heaviest at 273 in April of 2018 & now I am at 228 as of August 2018 I stand at 6'2" & have a goal of 215 lean muscle. Thanks for all you do keep up the great work.

  11. Would it be acceptable to say it might be more beneficial to split those 2 big meals into 4 for metabolism purposes? Also splitting the protein shake into 2 instead of at the same time? I’m not sure if the body reacts worse having all that protein at once compared to separate times.

  12. Guys help. I need 2000 calories a day. I work out my whole body in a day with a day of reset between each workout. I need too amp up my carbs on the days I workout and lower them on the days I don't. I also need to consume alot of protein and only a decent bit of healthy fats. Other problem is I don't have much money. Any feedback is appreciated

  13. Im doing this, and it's great for me! I'm 185 cm tall, with a good amount of muscle, and I walk 4 km every day i hit the gym, which is pretty much every day, plus my boxing, so 2000 is enough for me to get lean!

  14. Finding this Meal Plan was easily the best thing that has happened to me on my fitness journey. My time is so scarce due to school snd work that cooking sometimes I felt was just a nuisance. Ive been working out for 3 years and am no where near where i should be. The change this has done for me is incredible. Some will say that dieting shouldve came easy in the past, all i will say is that its become 10x easier for me for the future. Thanks RJF

  15. MEAL 1
    Unsweetened Almond Milk (1 cup)
    Love Grown Power Os (35 grams)
    Chocolate PB Fit Peanut Butter Powder (24 grams)
    Justin’s Maple Almond Butter (1 packet)

    MEALS 2 & 4
    99% fat free ground turkey (1 lb)
    Uncle Ben’s Whole Grain Ready Rice (1 packet)
    Frozen Green Peas (12 oz)

    MEAL 3
    Almonds (42 grams)
    Protein shake with water (2 scoops)

    2065 kcal
    60 g fat, 216g protein, 175g carbs

  16. I hate when people say they don’t have time to meal prep. Really? Stop being lazy as hell and throw some food in the microwave like frozen veggies and rice packets. Everyone has time to feed themselves.


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