Welcome back to FUEL, a series dedicated to the high-performance diets of athletes. In this episode, we follow the UK’s international pro bodybuilder Rene Campbell, who eats the same high-calorie meal every three hours, seven days a week—and that’s just in her “off season.” We spend a day with Rene as she cooks up two weeks’ worth of chicken, rice, and eggs; stocks up on her supplements; and shows her male training partners how it’s done at the gym.

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  1. So obviously on steroids lol, she's starting to look very masculine, and her voice sounds like an 18 year old male! She's nothing without steroids, absolutely anybody can achieve her success in the same manner. Pathetic!

  2. What a piece of Art work she is! Such dedication. I couldn’t believe when she placed all that food in the blender, I have never seen that before. That’s amazing. She has sacrificed so much. Amazing!

  3. touchez chicken with gloves -.-
    i mean ^ temp ^ (pleeze nöt this yeaR – . <)

    i think lots of that meat legend is nonsense. i mean scientists? say every chimp out performs almost every human and all apes well least the bigger than chimps are veggies? v v

  4. I don't understand why mainly dudes gotta troll like every female body builder video. We get it you don't like it you think its ugly but who cares? These women don't and i don't get why you come to these videos just to hurl middleschool insults and be hateful. Get over it these women don't care if you think they look like a dude, save yourself the time and just quit watching. Geeze.

  5. There’s so much I can learn from her… wow that’s true dedication… I wish I was a little like her.. I’m chubby / she’s cut.. I wouldn’t want to be so big just I need to lose a lot of weight at least 100lbs to be at my normal weight I’m 5’5 … 130 is a normal weight.. she’s amazing..

  6. Honestly, I don't know why there are so many dislikes. Shes doing what she loves and what makes her happy. Leave her be. Shes beautiful regardless. Stop expecting women to always live up to the typical stereotype on how women "should" look. Whether your curvy, skinny, in-between, and the list goes on because there are thousands of body types…YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC just the way you are! Remember – your doing great sweetie ; )

  7. Everyone’s saying she’s on testosterone but as she quoted… women don’t put on muscle as much as men. Men have testosterone not women so she’s having to put it into her body and if that affects her voice.. fuck it… it would sound weird if her voice was all girly and then muscles anyway..apart from of her voice for the main reason I mentioned of course she’s gonna take the drug so she can build muscle to the amount she’s working. I mean she is already taking more time over the sport rather than she should on other things because she is so dedicated . So if she was natural it would be even harder. I bet y’all are jealous and most of you would pussy out on saying that to her face.


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