Episode 68 of the Real Bodybuilding Podcast brings you James Hollingshead hot off his Europa win. We discuss the win, life before the win and how he created the life he’s created for himself now.

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Time Stamps:

00:00 – Intro

01:15 – James win and his mindset throughout.

13:24 – Patrick and his coaching.

18:45 – Luke and James.

26:15 – Show feelings backstage.

31:11 – Mount Kilimanjaro

50:04 – James BBing history.

52:25 – James mom.

1:00:05 – Did bodybuilding save James.

1:05:43 – Moving forward to the Olympia.


  1. James is a great bloke. When he says things like is Kilimanjaro story, it makes you realize he has a deeper level. I know everyone does but most don't make it public. We need more blokes like James.

  2. On the subject of flights to the Olympia, if you're willing to spend 2 weeks in a country that's not on the banned list (a friend of mine stayed in Serbia for 2 weeks) then you can enter the US from there.

    I know that might screw the diet and training focus a little but that's one way around it.

  3. I know James probably won’t get this but, do you think you could have gotten where you are now if you were still coached by JP, or has Patrick’s training style changed your physique?

  4. Man I love James! That was amazing, when the focus was supposed to be all on him he made sure people remembered Luke. First time I ever teared up watching a show, didn't think that was possible. Best RBP so far

  5. Fouad man I swear to god your going to be the reason bodybuilding is gonna grow so much more with these podcasts it makes fans feel so connected with the competitors keep doing u man can’t wait till hostile is the biggest brand in the game and it will happen very soon

  6. James is exactly what I loved about Luke! The honesty and humbleness and just happiness in there voices he doesn’t focus on negativity which kills the fitness industry congrats James! Kill it in the Olympia!

  7. I think its awesome that James comparison of the celebration after climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is the celebration of the Ewoks on Endor with the Rebel Alliance pilots after the destruction of the second Death Star.

  8. to be honest i never heard about James before watching the podcast , like you said he showing his whole process to reach this win is what made the win more impressive , and i think his physique is not up there with the big names ( for now) , but he is now on top as a pure no bullshit bodybuilder who really loves the sport and steers away from the drama and the social media fights , winning competitions is great but that's not what is all about , same as what you have been given us for the past years , offering usable advices with a lot of motivation and inspiration , congrats to James and thank you both

  9. I’m a brazilian, and just got into bodybuilding ‘cause of Brandão. So, the first time I saw James was in Europa Pro. After I saw his physic and what great guy James is, he got a great fan in here. He is a true champion, not just in bodybuilding, but in life.

  10. Thank you Fouad, i had high inspiration of James but with this cast has brought James more admiration. You both are inspirational in both bodybuilding and life. Keep up the great work you do for us fans.

  11. FOUAD: Here is a link to almost 100 HQ Pictures of your Pro debut @ the 2007 Montreal Pro and I'll also put a link to about 45 HQ pics from the Atlantic City show a week after that I think you looked in even better condition. – LINK: musculardevelopment.com/contests/bodybuilders/9962-fouad-abiad/event/1183-grand-prix-montreal-2007
    LINK 2 – Atlantic City Pro – http://www.musculardevelopment.com/contests/bodybuilders/9962-fouad-abiad/event/1184-atlantic-city-pro-2007

  12. Great podcast/interview Fouad. James is a bodybuilders bodybuilder. Not to mention a good person. It was really cool that he even took the time to mention the other competitor at his gym who had a win during an interview about him. A testament to his personality

  13. That part where James said he doesn't read books because he doesn't want to be influenced resonated so much with me. I could never stand people who fabricated themselves completely by taking bits and pieces of others. I think this plays key part in as to why James comes across as such a genuine character. All of his thoughts are his own

  14. They need to allow multiple likes for every point y’all make. God damn listening to y’all just takes me back to why I began lifting and what lifting meant to me. James prep in particular has rekindled that fire inside. Life may have taken control, but it’s time to take it back.

  15. How can you not pull for this man! Between his work ethic and diligence, plus Patrick's knowledge, the Shead could be a major contender fou the Mr O in a year or two. Luke is most certainly smiling.

  16. Well deserved win, James is a genuinely quality guy and a very hardworking bodybuilder wow! Loved his journey 🙂 Thank you Fouad for bringing this platform and introducing us to your world with zero ego. Big fan.

  17. Wow what an amazing journey life is
    James is an inspiration great stories my favourite podcast so happy for James that he won the Alicante show on to the O will continue to follow James journey keep up the great work Fouad

  18. Awesome listen. Appreciate the openness, sending my best to you Fouad at a unique point in your life with the idea of maybe there isn’t another show. When I had to stop playing football I went through a self sabotage phase with eating crap etc I then found my next personal passion (personal goals/ fitness not business passion) wishing you well

  19. I think the coping mechanism yall were talking about could also be called dedication, like to the person that had passed. You guys coped with it by trying your best or being the best version of yourself for the person that you didn't have in your life anymore. To me that says that person not only meant a ton to you but also had a tremendous impact on you. So glad i'm getting to witness two of my favorites together.

  20. They know ! Exactly , the competitors know who the winner is but the fans also know this and i'm not talking about trolls/idiots or whatever . People knew Victor was the winner in 2007 which Jay unfortunately still to this day takes/took personal , people knew that Correa was the 212 champion in 2014 and Kai Greene in the open same year. What has turned a lot of people off from bodybuilding contests is the corruption .


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