Greg Doucette has competed in over 100 bodybuilding and powerlifting competitions, holds a Guinness World Record in deadlifts, and is in the best shape of his life, all at the age of 40. After twenty years of professional competition, Greg is finally starting to feel the clock ticking. In episode 1 of Swole, we follow Greg as he pushes himself through his first competition in three years to see if can place high enough to continue competing. Watch VICE Roundup in the VICE channel on go90. Head to to learn more and download the app.

Additional Associate Producer: James Hergott

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  1. Bodybuilding as a sport is really gay. If you enjoy going shoulder to shoulder with some pretty much naked bronzed up guys in tongs and flexing you really should start to question your sexuality.

  2. One of the best in coaching, he is super knowledgeable, funny and a down to earth guy. He has tons of experience and has his master's in Kinesiology, so he can back up his experience with facts.

  3. I love also that he competes not to win, but to do his best. The goal isn't to win a check from first place. The goal is to look good 24/7 so that you can show potential clients/social media/ you are worth their time and money.


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