The 16 Year Old Wonderkid Manny Drexler With 1% Bodyfat | Bodybuilding Motivation 2017 !!

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  1. Ok this kid is huge and definitely has a very low body fat percentage but it's not possible for you to be down to 1 percent body fat your body has to have something to survive and function on

  2. Literally 80% of these comments are wrong. He isn't on roids, he looks ripped because he is 1% bodyfat. We all have those same muscles but they are hidden under fat. No, he wouldn't be dead at 1% body fat. The 1% is excess that was stored on his body for later use, you should have a couple % excess but it's not essential. You fucking losers need to get your shit right before opening your useless trash faces. 80% of you here are wrong yet left comments, you wonder why the world is fucked, because it's the people who know nothing who are the ones who open their fucking mouth.

  3. He looks like shit not hating haha but if hes 16 hes not that impressive. Hes not strong. Hes pretty short. He looks like a 6years old. And i have seen way better 16 years old like kai greene.

  4. If he started bodybuilding at a very young age then that's what made him lose height. People dont think before they do and this is the consequences of that. Fucking dumbasses

  5. it not 1% body fat – that said this kid needs to eat more fats
    or he will die, he is working on his reserves and they are depleting
    the best way to enrich his diet is by adding more animal produce
    from pasture raised animals


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